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It's hard to believe that fall has arrived! That colder weather is just around the corner, and it's an important time to protect your crops. 
BotaniGard® Synergizies New Control Options for the Annual Bluegrass Weevil

By Daniel Peck , PhD and Glenn Morrell
Weevil The annual bluegrass weevil ( Listronotus maculicollis) has emerged as the most challenging insect pest for golf course superintendents across the greater Northeast U.S. The area of impact from this native beetle continues to spread, now reaching susceptible turf north to Maine and Quebec, west to Ohio and Ontario, and south to North Carolina.
The annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) prefers annual bluegrass (Poa annua) that is mown at a fairway height of cut. Beyond fairways this includes other playing surfaces such as tee boxes, approaches, collars around greens, and sometime the greens themselves. Every spring, adult weevils reinvade susceptible turf from protected overwintering sites in soil and leaf litter along treelines, bushes and tall mown grass, often quite distant from the developmental sites where they cause damage. Early stage larvae are stem borers that injure single stems, while late-stage larvae feed on the crowns. They will attack multiple plants and cause highly visible dieback to some of the most high-profile areas of the golf course. While two to three generations can be achieved in a growing season, suppression of the first generation is key to limiting problems later in the year. Therefore, superintendents target overwintered adults with insecticides before they can lay eggs. Any larvae that make it through are also targeted before they can cause damage. [Read More] 
Daniel Peck Joins BioWorks

20 Years of Entomology Experience

Daniel Peck Daniel Peck, PhD has been named Product Development Manager at BioWorks. In his new position, Dr. Peck will be responsible for growing the BioWorks family of insect control products in new and existing markets while providing product and pest control expertise to both distributors and end-users.
Dr. Peck brings over 20 years of Entomology experience, recently focusing on turf-infesting, grass-feeding and soil-dwelling insect pests. He previously held positions at Cornell University and at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture. Dr. Peck's primary responsibility at BioWorks will be to work closely with his colleagues in the Research and Development, Product Development and Technical Services areas to introduce new products and services in the specialty agriculture, horticulture and turf markets with a focus on insect control.
"Daniel is a welcome addition to the BioWorks team." said Peter Eppeira, Director of Research and Development. "His experience, knowledge and leadership will make substantial contributions to our growth and commitment to our customers."
Dr. Peck may be reached by phone at 585-924-4362 x337, or by e-mail at dpeck@bioworksinc.com 
What If...

By Jeffrey Luke
BioWorks Marketing Manager
The Shift
What if...? It's a question of potential, a question of the future, a question we must ask in order to stay relevant in a world advancing and changing at a pace never before seen.
It's the optimist at his or her best. It's the realist at his or her most hopeful.
AmericanHort asked this question with SHIFT: An AmericanHort Initiative - a research project taking a hard look at what the future of the horticulture industry holds. [Click Here to See The Findings]
Verdanta Fertilizers Now Available in Canada

K-Vita, PL-2 and OFE 
Victor, New York (October 15, 2015) - BioWorks, Inc., committed to creating a safer environment, has introduced three Verdanta® fertilizers in Canada: K-Vita, PL-2 and OFE.
K-Vita Bag K-Vita is a 100% organic-based granular fertilizer (2-0-20) in MINIGRAN® form, meaning each microgranule contains uniform nutrient content for better controlled nutrient delivery. K-Vita is ideal for providing potassium nutrition to ornamental or vegetable crops. Nutrients are released slowly and continuously by microbial activity producing humus for better rooting and less leaching.
PL-2 Bottle PL-2 is a 100% organic-based liquid suspension fertilizer (2-0-6). PL-2 provides supplemental potassium with a low salt index for lower ECs in the growing medium. As a liquid suspension it is suitable for fertigation, therefore it can be applied with sprinklers or drip systems.
OFE Bottle OFE is a foliar iron fertilizer with seaweed extract (3-0-0 + 3% iron). It is derived from both organic and mineral sources and contains urea to help move iron into the plant leaf tissue, and contributes to greening up leaves.
"We are excited to be offering these Verdanta fertilizers to the Canadian market." said Joe Gionta, Director of Marketing and Sales. "These biofertilizers will help growers encourage stronger, healthier crops while being respectful to the environment."
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"Since switching to Rootshield Plus, I have never seen the roots on our Poinsettia crop look so healthy. Some of the roots, if not knowing they were poinsettias, looked like tree roots." - Timothy Mortonik, Van Hoekelens


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