The Boy Scouts of America National Council voted today to abandon its age old policy of not allowing homosexuals to become Scouts.  Approximately 1,400 members of the national council met at the national convention in Texas today and cast ballots approving a resolution to change the policy of banning homosexuals from membership.


"The Boy Scouts are an organization that takes in approximately $500 million a year.  The homosexual activists have successfully worked their ground-game of pressuring donors and bullying the board members of this iconic institution," said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. "The leadership of the Boy Scouts of America has cowered to the financial bullying of homosexual activists."  


"We have all been betrayed by the leadership of the BSA today. Young boys and families, fathers who have looked forward to raising their boys in the Scouts, have been betrayed by a leadership that is more concerned about losing funding than losing the boys it serves.  Historically, Americans knew this organization to build strong leaders, leaders that held true to their oaths, leaders that you were able to trust.  We are witnessing the fall of an iconic institution," said England.

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