Hi Bpeacers,
Why do people join Bpeace? According to our newest three members:

"We have the opportunity to attack real problems with realistic solutions."  
"Make a substantive difference."  
"Empowering entrepreneurs can empower an entire community."  

Take a minute to read more about these new Bpeacers and I encourage you to join them on our next Member Virtual Boot Camp call on Wednesday, March 8, at 12:30PM ET. 
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WE NEED YOUR HELP -- Check out the volunteer opportunities below, and share with your network.
Chapel Hill, NC
Morehead-Cain Scholar, UNC-Chapel Hill
@Bpeace:  Member at large

" I'm an idealist. I've always dreamed of being able to make an impact and help create positive change, like most people. But also, like most people, the way I should go about doing that has always been a big question. Bpeace provides an answer. We have the opportunity to attack real problems with realistic solutions. Change is possible through Bpeace, and I feel so honored to be able to be even just a small part of it."
Davis, CA
Leader, Network Transformation, Nokia
@Bpeace: Virtual mentor to Salvadoran engineering firm Estructuristas Consultores

" I am thrilled to have discovered Bpeace--what a great mission! I look forward to engaging productively with the entrepreneurs you support, and making a substantive difference."
Arlington Heights, IL
Advisory Associate, PwC
@Bpeace:  Facilitating matchmaking between Bpeace volunteer opportunities and Chicago PwCers; spearheading a volunteer job board with Bpeace as the pilot

" I joined Bpeace because I believe that empowering entrepreneurs can empower an entire community. I am excited to work with Bpeace and share my experiences to help others create jobs."

Bpeace is looking for volunteer experts in the following areas. Click the link to learn more. If these are not your skills, who do you know who has them?

Process Improvement Expert  for manufacturing. TRAVEL TO EL SALVADOR
Sales and Marketing Experts  for small businesses in Afghanistan. VIRTUAL 
Branding Expert   for full-service marketing agency in Guatemala. VIRTUAL
Sales Strategy Expert for digital agencies. TRAVEL TO EL SALVADOR OR VIRTUAL


Welcome to Vincent Gu, our new intern at Bpeace HQ. 
Promotion, new job, marriage, baby, grad school?  Share your news with the Bpeace community. 
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Honor a friend or loved one with a tax-deductible donation to Bpeace . You'll help us further our mission of creating peace through jobs in areas of conflict, and we will mail your recipient a lovely card. Perfect for those hard-to-buy-for folks, and ideal for any occasion.

Lauren Hass 

Member & Donor Relations