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Bragging Rights
May 4, 2017
Donald Trump's "first 100 days" as president passed him by with a fizz and a whimper, though we still wake up every day, wondering how on earth that man was ever elected president. Last Sunday, Bill Maher entertained a full house at the Fair Park Music Hall, and he answered the same question. "You must remember," he warned his audience, "Donald Trump has a group of supporters ... and most of them live in Russia." Actually, I doubt that the citizens of Russia care much for Donald Trump. I think he is liked most by the computer hackers, and they are paid to like him.

Nevertheless, we have survived Trump's first 100 days, and it wasn't nearly as awful as we thought it would be. Granted, it wasn't because Trump and Steve Bannon didn't try their best to make it awful. It's just that they just weren't very successful. For example:
  •  The "Muslim ban" was blocked by the federal courts.
  •  The "Trump-Don't-Care" replacement for ObamaCare was pulled from the House agenda (twice) for lack of votes.
  •  The over-the-top penalties for "anti-sanctuary-cities" were blocked by a federal court.
  • On top of all that, Trump finished his first 100 days with a 38% approval rating.

Here in Dallas County there is a lot about which we can, and do, brag:
  •  We can still brag that Democratic presidential nominee Secretary Clinton won 60% of the vote in Dallas County.
  •  Of all the voters in Dallas County, 62% pushed the Democratic straight-party button. [Note: This Friday, May 5th, Texas Republicans will attempt to pass a bill, abolishing straight-party-voting. Please call your legislators and voice your objection.]
  •  Since the presidential election, the Dallas County Democratic Party ("DCDP") has been contacted by hundreds of residents, offering to volunteer, and groups of Democrats have been block-walking in Dallas County neighborhoods every weekend.
  •  Through issue-oriented forums, DCDP has recruited many more young Democrats (college-age and young professionals). [Note: DCDP and Dallas County Young Democrats are co-hosting an after dinner "JJ After Dark" event on May 8th. For more information, contact Chris Nguyen at the DCDP office at 214-821-8331.]
  •  Thanks to the Diversity Committee, and numerous local Democratic clubs and organizations, we have recruited a diverse group of precinct chairs.
  •  With the DCDP Tillotson Speaker Series, the DCDP has provided a forum for local Democrats and elected officials to discuss current issues. The next luncheon is at noon on Friday, June 2nd with featured speaker Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. You can purchase tickets for individual luncheons or for the remainder of the series at www.dallasdemocrats.org.
  •  Martin O'Malley, former Maryland Governor and 2016 presidential candidate, will be the keynote speaker for the Johnson-Jordan Dinner, DCDP's biggest fundraiser of the year. Not only has Gov. O'Malley generously waived his speaker's fee, but we have already raised over $100,000 for the Party. [Note: It's not too late to purchase your tickets for this amazing event, scheduled at 6:30pm on Monday, May 8, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Purchase your tickets online at www.dallasdemocrats.org.]

In addition to attending (or sponsoring) the Johnson-Jordan Dinner, you can support DCDP in any of the following ways:

Yours Democratically,
Carol Donovan, DCDP Chair

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