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AdvoCare Business Team

We have some exciting news for the entire "McDaniel" Organization!  Mark your calendars for next Wednesday, February 6th...and prepare yourself for one of the most incredible unveilings of a business building and team communications tool that you have seen since you joined AdvoCare.
Charlie Ragus always said, "The #1 reason people fail in any business or endeavor is lack of communication." Are you tired of looking for 20 different Diamond Distributor sites to find out what webinars and meetings you can take advantage of?  Are you tired of having to sort between Constant Contact, Facebook, MailChimp, Twitter, and e-mails all the time?  Have you ever hoped that you could have a private communications platform within the AdvoCare world that would solely be for business development and communications?  

If so, can you imagine one of the most sophisticated pieces of communication technology that you've ever seen, accompanied by a "dummy proof" user format...which will seem like Facebook x100?  However, only for working AdvoCare distributors?

And there is much, much, much more that we haven't even told you.  There is a bonus part to this tool that is going to light your fire in 2013, and you will know exactly what it is when you see the launch webinar next Wednesday night.

And here's the good news...you will not have to add another web address, user name, and password to your list of things to worry about each day.  Your all new Champions Network will be attached to your AdvoCare microsite; therefore, you will access all of your  advocare.com dealings with one click of a button on your Champions Network front page!   

So, get ready...for the ALL NEW CHAMPIONS NETWORK!  We are hosting FIVE live webinars to make it convenient for you, in order to introduce your new AdvoCare business communications platform. Click on the link below that best fits your time zone.

In the meantime, make this the best pay period you've ever had.  Don't concern yourself with Wednesday until Wednesday.  There's nothing you can do until then, and there's nothing that will involve product promotions with this presentation. People have Hawaii to shoot for right now...and all kinds of new pin levels are being solidified...first things first!

You are champions!

Danny McDaniel

Webinar Times & Links:

**Please note that this invitation is currently only open to the entire McDaniel team lineage (includes Diamonds +) and the Michael and Kimberly Smith teams.