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Chantal Releases New Kettle Collection
Introducing the Mia Ekettle Collection 
Houston , TX , July 13, 2017 - Since 1971, Heida Thurlow has led Chantal with numerous patents for teakettle and cookware design and innovation. Ms. Thurlow has the distinction of being the first woman in the U.S. to launch and run a cookware company and now she's excited to announce the expansion of Chantal's Craft Coffee Collection! The Mia Electric Kettle is now available in Copper, Aqua and Onyx colors and comes with a sleek and extremely durable finish.
In 2016, the Stainless Steel Mia Ekettle was a finalist in the Housewares Design Awards, recognized out of more than 300 entries as a Top 5 Countertop Cooking and Beverage Appliance. The Mia Ekettle is described as the perfect pour-over kettle, but one that doubles as a very attractive hot water kettle. Its spout design delivers control pour and features a plastic free, all stainless steel interior.
"A year ago we (Chantal) entered the craft coffee category," explained National Sales Manager Henry Nading. "Despite a tremendous amount of competition, we experienced a great deal of success with the release of the brushed stainless steel Mia Kettle. The decision to come out with the same great kettle in fashion colors was easy to make because of the success of the original."
As for the name, Ms. Thurlow takes great pleasure in sharing why she chose to call it the Mia. "As the founder of Chantal," she boasted, "I take the liberty to name this kettle after my granddaughter... Mia!"
Just in time to join Chantal's Fall Promotions, the new colors in Chantal's Craft Coffee Collection have arrived. To experience the new Collection, visit:

Orders are now being filled.

About Chantal
Chantal Corp. was founded in Houston, TX. by Heida Thurlow in 1971. As a mechanical engineer, Ms. Thurlow has always been uncompromising in her quest for quality products and has been awarded more than 50 patents. Chantal can be found in high-end retail stores worldwide.
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