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Letter from the Director

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The CGBI team has moved into 2017 with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the work year ahead.  During the typical time for resolutions and promises for the New Year, the CGBI team was considering our past, present and future of our institute, how we can improve and expand, while still maintaining an infrastructure of excellence in our programmatic endeavors.  
Click "Read Full Letter" to learn more about efforts on health equity, transitions in the CGBI team, and the upcoming Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference.
I would like to introduce you to our youngest CGBI family member. Research Associate Dr. KristinTully gave birth to Bethany Samantha Tully on Thursday, February 3, 2017.  We congratulate Kristin, Jonathan and big sister Elise on the arrival of their little miracle.
Kindest Regards,

Left: Kathleen Anderson
Right: Daina Huntley
Staff Transitions at CGBI major

It is with gratitude and well-wishes that we announce the retirement of Kathleen Anderson. This article details Kathleen's accomplishments at the institute and introduces our new team member, Daina Huntley, MPH, CHES. Please join us in offering a farewell to Kathleen, and a hearty welcome to Daina. ...

Food for the Hungry (FH) Guatemala has received new grant
funding to continue their work to improve maternal and child health in rural communities of Guatemala. As a part of the new funding, FH will be working with CGBI to update two existing Care Groups education modules with input from recent evidence and community feedback: 1) Prenatal and Newborn Care and 2) Breastfeeding. Topics of responsive feeding and early childhood development will be woven into the messaging for a more complete approach. 

Train-the-trainer workshops and community Care Groups will then disseminate education modules, building o n long-term existing relationships ...

Side Car Bassinet Program Update
A s part of the NC TRaCS Institute Improving Human Health Award (PI Tully), CGBI is actively engaged with North Carolina State University's (NCSU) College of Design to develop side-car bassinet prototypes for testing at UNC Hospitals later this year. Recently , student teams presented their design concepts, supporting their work with literature review and analysis of CGBI survey input (discussed in the last issue of BFE). The research team from UNC and a partner from Trig Innovations also provided the students with feedback on their work.  A hospital bed and bassinet recently delivered to the NCSU design studio will enhance the ability to explore mechanisms so that students may further develop their prototypes ...


EMPower Breastfeeding Initiative

The EMPower Initiative is in its third and final year of
 assisting 93 hospitals achieve Baby-Friendly designation. We have launched into one last round of travel to facilities in order to offer comprehensive site visits. Many facilities are in the final stage of the Baby-Friendly pathway, or are hoping to enter it soon. A handful of EMPower facilities have already become designated. We would like to congratulate Carolinas Healthcare Charlotte and Williamsport Regional Medical Center for recently achieving Baby-Friendly designation. Congratulations on a job well done! ...

Colleague Corner: colleague

Simran Noor is Vice President of Policy & Programs at Center for Social Inclusion (CSI). She is a regular speaker on issues of racial equity-frequently featured at conferences and public meetings. Simran has also been a key developer of CSI's work on first food. CSI has written a report outlining the structural barriers to breastfeeding, titled, " Removing Barriers to Breastfeeding: A Structural Race Analysis of First Food ". In this report, CSI outlines the barriers to breastfeeding that communities of color face, as well as recommend policies and practices to address racial inequity in First Food. In addition, Center for Social Inclusion convenes the National First Food Racial Equity Cohort . The Cohort has been working to develop ... 

Alumni Spotlight:Ellen Chetwynd alumni

Dr. Ellen Chetwynd is a post-doctoral researcher at North  Carolina State University and a lactation consultant at the Women's Birth and Wellness Center. Her current research is on evidence for new models of lactation care, as well as merging layers of data to frame the landscape of breastfeeding support in North Carolina. She is also building "Next Level Lactation LLC", a group of advanced lactation consultants providing resources for colleagues interested in developing their lactation practice, writing a book on breastfeeding for the scientifically minded mother, and pursuing grants that will bring quality lactation services to low resource settings. ...

Carolina BEBES Update bebes

Co-Presidents Valerie and Kim at the Maureen Joy Charter School Health Fair.
In February Carolina BEBES participated in the Maureen Joy Charter School's Health Fair in Durham. This was their second time attending the fair and both times were a success!
They facilitated activities to teach school aged children and their families about breastfeeding. Interactive games included learning about what kinds of animals produce milk for their young and "Pin the Baby to the Breast." Resources and information on contraception, pregnancy and the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) were also provided. ...


CGBI Research Associate Dr. Kristin Tully was featured in the UNC Chapel Hill Endeavors as part of highlighting UNC Women in Science.

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2016-2017 Cohort

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017-2018 MRT-TI class.

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