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16th - DRAFT meeting at Warped Wing Brewery.  7pm

18th - Wine Club 7pm

24th - Brewing 201, All Grain Brewing.  7pm

4th - 1st Brewout of 2015

2nd - National Homebrew Day Brewout
Thursday, March 12
Greetings from balmy Dayton, Ohio!

OK, maybe balmy may not exactly the be the word you'd use, but after the abnormally cold winter we've had, it may not be too much of an understatement.

For all of us that don't have the luxury of an electric system, a vented basement, or heated garage, its time to start brewing again.  

We here at BrewTensils strive to have everything you need for your next batch of beer, wine, and mead.  If you find there's a specialty product, be it grain, yeast, hop, or anything else, please call or email us.  We'll do everything we can to get it for you.

Is there a wine kit you've never seen here available, ask us.  We've got other vendors to source from and we're happy to look for you.

Chad, Bobby 6 Pounds, and Dan
AHA's Big Brew
On May 7, 1988, it was announced before congress that it be proclaimed National Homebrew Day.  This event is annually celebrated on the first Saturday in May.  The American Homebrewer's Association uses Big Brew as their way to celebrate this brewing holiday.

BrewTensils and DRAFT will celebrate by hosting a Big Brew Brew-out.  Our goal is to have the group collectively brew 100 gallons of homebrew in our parking lot.  BrewTensils will supply 6.6 pounds of LME or 10 pounds of 2-row malt to all brewers that attend, as well as providing filtered water and limited electricity.

There will be a simultaneous toast that we'll partake in that will be shared at every Big Brew event across the country.

Dayton Regional Amateur Fermentation Technologists
Be sure to come to our next meeting: Monday, March 16th at 7pm at Warped Wing Brewery.

  We'll start with a homebrew social, followed by a presentation from a new local hop farm, Little Miami Farms.

  We'll then  proceed to   the tasting panel.  This month's tasting panel will be a little different.  We'll be judging the first of this year's Iron Brewer contest entries.  Just a reminder, the theme for it was: Any liquor other than whiskey.  We'll have 3 tables.  1 for the unbiased judging, 1 for the people's choice, club members that did not brew the beer, and the 3rd for the brewers to talk about their beer and talk amongst themselves.

By now I'm sure you've all seen the three tap keggerator that's been occupying the back of our store.  Many times a day, somebody is caught ogling it.  Don't be ashamed, we all do it.

Now's your chance to own it.

Very soon we'll be selling raffle tickets.  $10 per ticket, only 350 tickets available.  Once the last ticket is sold, we'll draw the name.  The winner is responsible for picking it up here in store.

Details of when tickets will be available for purchase will be on Facebook and in next week's Wort's Chilling