Deal reached by Sen. Carona's deadline

The distributors and brewer stakeholders in Texas have reached a deal on legislation after Senate B&I Committee Chairman John Carona urged negotiation on bills that would affect all angles of the three-tier system. 

Everybody gives something, everybody gets something

Craft brewers in Texas and the state's wholesale beer distributors have reached a deal on legislation designed to help small breweries grow while maintaining the three-tier system, in accordance with the Monday deadline set by Senate Business and Industry Committee Chairman John Carona, R-Dallas.

1. The craft brewers will get a tap room

2. The brewpubs will be able to get their beer to retailers through distributors

3. There will be a codification of past TABC guidance on reach-back pricing, and legislation addressing how territorial assignments are made.

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Karen Brooks Harper
Texas Beverage Industry Journal

By the Numbers:
Texas distributors directly or indirectly generate more than 36,600 jobs and $1.2 billion in tax money for state coffers, according a new 2013 impact report by the National Beer Wholesalers Association.


$1 billion is generated in federal, state and local excise and consumption taxes on beer consumed in Texas.


Texas distributors save $1.8 billion in transportation efficiencies for retailers in Texas, amounting to about $141 per retailer per day each year. 


That's $51,286 each year the retailer doesn't have to spend on beer transportation.

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