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Don't Forget to Schedule your 2016 Penetration Test
It's Q3 again folks! The last half of the year is what we at the firm affectionately refer to as "penetration testing season" -- when everyone is in a rush to get their penetration tests performed. Our calendars are already filling up quickly, so make sure to get your test scheduled now! Contact your account manager or Elizabeth Ramirez in our PMO to schedule!                                                                
We genuinely want to over-deliver!
But we can't if you don't fill out those survey forms we sent out! Please take a few moments out and complete those surveys and get them back to us so we can continuously become a better version of ourselves.

Remember, we only measure ourselves by 1 yard stick -- doing better work than we did yesterday and even better work tomorrow than we do today! Help us do that by telling us how we're doing and where we can improve. 
Upcoming Events
Brier & Thorn Mexico Cocktail Party
August 11, 5pm - 8pm, Tijuana, Mexico

Presentation: Hacking Version 2.0: Diaries from the Garden of Good vs. Evil
Alissa Knight will present on the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in advanced persistent threats.

RSVP here!
W-JAX Conference
Munich, Germany, November 07-11

Alissa Knight will be presenting on how to leverage rogue base stations to hack connected cars remotely via GSM through their electronic control units (ECUs).

Latest Content
In this first episode of Security Shorts with Alissa Knight, Alissa demystifies ISO 27005 IT risk assessments in an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) in less than 2 minutes.  
In this second episode of Security Shorts with Alissa Knight, Alissa demystifies Digital Transformation in less than 2 minutes, explaining what it is and everything about cloud security.  
LeetSpeak with Alissa Knight in now on the air
Alissa launched her new podcast " LeetSpeak" airing the last Friday of every month on Soundcloud! Listen to the first episode here.
Security Shorts with Alissa Knight
Brier & Thorn is releasing a series of short 2 minute video tutorials covering different topic areas in a new series called " Security Shorts with Alissa Knight." Watch them on Brier & Thorn's YouTube channel here.
Watch the live video recording of Alissa's presentation on hacking connected cars and autonomous vehicles from the Cyber Secure Car conference 2016 in Munich, Germany                                                

Watch it Here!
In our regular pursuit of elegance in brand perfection, we have redesigned our web site using the latest Web 2.0 technologies as well as translated all of our copy to German and Spanish.
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