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Crack Resistant Bright White LEDs for Automotive
You talk, we listen, and we hear you!

In the past few years you, our customers, have been asking us for products for direct imaging, inkjet, heat management and LED. And we got it...we heard you, and now after some real hard work by Taiyo's R&D, Sales and Service group we have provided some great solutions over the past year. We have introduced a series of DI solder masks, we have Inkjet solder mask in pre-production in a couple of PCB shops in Europe, we introduced a Heat Spreading solder mask and our newest release is a Crack Resistant White LED solder mask for the automotive industry that we call PSR-4000 CR01MW (Crack Resistant 01 Matte White).

Naturally everyone wants a super white LED solder mask that is bright and cosmetically appealing. To get that appearance it requires a large amount of white pigment. The high loading generally causes cracks when subjected to thermal stress over time.

The automotive industry has been pushing us hard to resolve this as they had to resort to double coating many of their LED PCBs with a crack resistant green solder mask first, topped with a white reflective layer over the green. Now with PSR-4000 CR01MW you will get the benefit of both in one coating. The PSR-4000 CR01MW will reduce your processing steps and cost. It uses a more traditional solder mask process of a one-step coat, tack dry, expose, and develop step versus a double coat, tack, expose and develop step. Think of all the time and cost savings. Now you will be able to afford one of those fancy cars with those cool LED lights.

For more information on the latest developments on PSR-4000 CR01MW, or any of our other new products, please contact Taiyo America.

We hope to see you at Productronica in November!

For more information regarding Inkjet solder mask, please contact Taiyo America for the latest developments!

John T. Fix
Manager & Director, Sales and Marketing

Meet Sang Lam, Taiyo America's new Technical Service Engineer
Education: Graduate of Texas A&M University with an M.S. in Chemistry.

Experience: Sixteen years of industrial experience (13 years laboratory and 3 years business) with about half of those laboratory years in liquid crystal and polymer formulations.

Goals: Help the company maintain the number one spot in solder mask by providing the outstanding service that our customers have come to expect from us and also assist in any way possible with the expansion of our business into other markets.

Personal Life: Married with two daughters, a 3-year old and 1-year old.  Sang enjoys spending time with my family, reading, and volunteering at Church.

Sang Lam  
Technical Service Engineer

It's September, we know what that means
September in the Midwest means summer is rapidly coming to a close.  It also means the Minnesota State Fair is in full swing.  This year, I was able to see John Mellencamp play at the grandstand.  The venue was much smaller than most concerts, and the weather was perfect.  Most importantly, Mr. Mellencamp played many of his hits songs, which is what we all wanted to hear.

I also was able to experience the usual State Fair staples that I remember as a kid.  Mini donuts, chocolate malts, and a few rides in the midway were all in play on this day.  I still haven't had the nerve to eat a deep fried candy bar or bacon on a stick.  Alright I admit it, I would have tried the bacon on a stick, but I didn't see the booth.  Machinery hill, log rolling and the local radio station booths were also places we spent time.  Even Yeti had a booth where you could buy their coolers and such for a substantial discount.

September also means that the CCBA's (Chicago Circuit Board Association) annual golf tournament is coming up.  As mentioned once or twice, golf is one of my favorite things (other than solder mask), and I believe this may be the year my group brings their "A" game.  My group bringing their "A" game would mean that we don't finish in the bottom third; fingers crossed.

The CCBA tournament is a great time for a multitude of reasons other than the opportunity to golf.  It allows me to spend more time with a group of people I've known for almost 30 years.  Whether visiting them in their place of business, or on the golf course, it still means a lot to me.  So, if you are ever anywhere near Chicago during September you should consider signing up for this event.  Everyone will be happy to see you, and you can talk about things other than work for a few hours.

Wish me luck!

Don Monn
Regional Sales Manager

Talking with Flexible Technology's Liam Lynch
As Taiyo America continues to make inroads into the European Market we thought it would be interesting to talk to some of our European customers. So, continuing with this idea we are talking this month with longtime customer Flexible Technology a flex and rigid flex company located on the scenic coast of Scotland. I talked to Liam Lynch, the company's Image Manager.

Dan: Liam, I see that you are located on an Island off the coast of Scotland. That's interesting. How does it happen that there is a board shop there? What is your company's story?

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