Product Spotlight: The International Edition 

This month, we'd like to introduce you to some of the companies we work with around the world. Working with both domestic and internationally-known brands enables us to truly provide you with the best choices for your project!


Beginning as a traditional brass founder in 1820 in Birmingham, England, Samuel Heath has grown to be a manufacturer of bathroom accessories, faucets, showers and other hardware. Implementing a unique blend of state of the art manufacturing equipment and traditional techniques helps to ensure the highest quality of production. By choosing to hand polish products, this further helps support the level of quality. 

Kreoo's custom Italian-carved creations are best described as pieces of artwork. One only has to look at their products to see the exceptional skill of the sculptors behind them. Kreoo designs are easy to find in our showroom - just look for the elegant marble bathtubs and basins, as well as their gorgeous tile creations. It's no wonder people choose to use Kreoo tiles on their's art!


CTO burst onto the high-end lighting market almost 20 years ago, where they quickly became known for their uncompromising quality and fine design. After finding massive success among UK retailers, CTO recognized the demand for premium lighting and began focusing on more luxurious materials, like hand-finished brass, mouth-blown glass, and artisan-crafted stone. CTO's modern lighting embodies elegance and excellence in British design and manufacturing. 

Some family businesses are merely owned by a family, but at Turnstyle Designs, the entire staff is a family. This high level of care is reflected in their work. Founded in 1992 in a small barn in England, Turnstyle Designs has always strived to improve, from sourcing better materials, to enhancing functionality and design. A handle can make or break a project, so detail is of the utmost importance to Turnstyle Designs.


When it comes to production, wood flooring company Admonter stands out from the rest. Their brand, named for the area in Austria from which their timbers are sourced, values the sustainability of their production methods as highly as the quality of their final product. Admonter claims that you can tell the difference between wood that is loved and wood that isn't, and it only takes a glance at their gorgeous wood floors to see what they mean. 

Originally started in 1940, Cosentino started out as a simple quarrying plant that carried out basic marble processing in Almeria, Spain. Instead of simply quarrying marble, they chose to invest heavily in research and innovation. In 1990 they developed Silestone, a 93% quartz composite that was antimicrobial. Due to their focus on research, they have continued to create new and revolutionary surfaces.  

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