Bring on the New Year!
2017 was a year of impact and accomplishment, including the increase to a 78.8% graduation rate in Highline Public Schools. We are excited to see what 2018 holds for our students, families, and the Highline Public Schools community. There's no limit to what we can achieve together!
Chinook Middle School Receives New Boeing Grant
We began 2017 by celebrating a grant received from Boeing that funded early learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) support, and middle school career exploration throughout the district. We are ending 2017 by celebrating another Boeing grant received, this time funding STEM career awareness and exploration at Chinook Middle School.

Through the new grant, 7th graders at Chinook will use Advisory class for interest-driven STEM exploration. They'll get the chance to interact with local STEM industry professionals and visit STEM businesses monthly. The ultimate outcome of the grant program is to see a dramatic shift in the number of students who plan to enter college or career in a STEM related field.

We know students need opportunities to explore their interests in order to plan a pathway - which includes high school graduation - to a professional career. We are excited that this grant gives Chinook students a chance to start thinking about their professional interests before they even get to high school.
Ray Connor, Vice Chairman of The Boeing Company and former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, visits with Chinook students in 2015.
We need YOU in 2018!
There are many ways to support the
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