"If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can't help but learn"
Bernie Segal MD

Bringing into bloom your Whole Body Beautiful
Spring is season to BLOOM, a time of renewal, health, beauty, and growth. Words such as active, alive, clean, fresh, revive, sunshine, growth, and rebirth are all words that come to mind.
It's a time to take a cleansing breath of fresh air from the seasons past and look forward to some new healthy habits that can refresh and renew you body and mind.
Lets begin to flourish this Spring with a few new rituals....
  1. Taking it outside:
    Now that the weather is changing and the light is lingering a bit longer, take some extra walks, go hiking, an early AM run, ride a bike, plant a garden, have a picnic, play in the park with your kids, walk your dogs, and that extra daylight hour will also boost your mood.
  2. Home health:
    Spring cleaning comes natural at this time of year. Open the windows, let the air and sunshine in, declutter, organize rooms, pantries and shelves, and bring a new brighter and healthier overall feeling to the home. Home is where the heart AND your health is.
  3. On the lighter side:
    Spring brings on seasonal foods that really lighten and brighten our body. Gone are the "comfort" foods of the cold Winter...bring on the light, juicy, energetic foods of spring in preparation for Summer (where we really get some hydrating and super foods and fruits)

    Foods like...
    Spring Squash
    4. Farmers markets are also in full swing, so now is the time to start that weekly ritual. Begin shopping at your farmers markets and you will be sure to stay on the healthy path and also support your local growers.
    Check out this website to search for a farmers market in your area.
    Lets take a dive (not a leap) into Spring with a new energy, attitude, and a new and empowered you.
    Summer is just around the corner!! 

In Health,
Lisa Fallon Mindel 

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