May 2018, Issue 1

WAV Group Newsletter
By Kevin Hawkins

Redfin. KW. Keyes. Metrolist.

Executives with these four real estate industry-leading firms just joined the BPP Board of Managers. It's akin to the automobile industry announcing that representatives from Tesla, GM, Audi and Johnson Controls just joined a Board that's collaborating on their industry's most pressing cutting-edge initiative.
By David Gumpper

Over the last month, a lot of people are talking about data. Inman Disconnect crafted a data statement as one of its Parker Principles, Real Estate Standard Organization ( Spring 2018 Conference was all about data, and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) held a panel to discuss how real estate can be more competitive with technology, which included data as a component of its theme. Here are some thoughts on the good, bad and ugly uses of data.
By Victor Lund

Rate Lock is not a common term in real estate, but it is pretty easy to understand. And, once you understand it, you will appreciate why trade volume in real estate is going to continue to stay low for a long time, and possibly why the stock market is in for a continued rise.
By Kevin Hawkins

I am still stunned by the number of people I meet in the real estate industry, including prospective clients, who really don’t understand what Public Relations is. More importantly, many people often have misconceptions about what PR can do. Most often, PR is confused with activities and outcomes that are entirely in the realm of Advertising.