Broncos Become Mexico's Team, Latin Life Denver reports live!!!

Photos and Story by Joe Contreras


It appears that Mexico has become enamored with the Denver Broncos. After ignoring the team for most of the year with only a mention here and there of Tim Tebow's antics, the Mexican press all of a sudden can't get enough of the Broncos. In Denver's sister city of Cuernava the Broncos made the front page of the three major dailies with numerous photos and accounts of the Denver/Pittsburgh game. 

In Mexico City, considered the largest city in the world by many, the Broncos were featured on the front pages of both major dailies, Excelsior and Melenio. On Tuesday  full color "double truck" (two full pages) of coverage all about the Broncos and Denver were featured. I now know John Fox's entire life story. All the other teams in the NFL playoffs have received little if any coverage in Mexico. 


One television station even followed a Mexican family that traveled to Denver just for the game Sunday. They featured their experience and jubilation outside the stadium and upon their return to Mexico.


As a country that often sees itself as an underdog with the faith that it will prevail, Mexicans have developed a unique subconscious  relationship with the Denver Broncos. Let's see what Saturday brings...

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With the Mexican presidential elections to take place later this year Mexico finds itself once again at the crossroads. Thousands have died over the past few years as a result of President Felipe Calderon's war on Narco Traffickers. A year ago while reporting for La Voz News, from Cuernavaca, Mexico, I described the terror local citizens were enduring as bodies hung from bridges throughout the city like pinatas at birthday parties. As a result, tourism has suffered as many people have stopped travelling to Mexico. Even the cruise ships stopped docking at popular destination areas including Mazatlan.


Now a year later, how much has changed? Mexico has the youngest population in the world and as Mexico's president said over the weekend if education and opportunity are not made available to them the problems of crime and drugs will reach epidemic proportions that will thwart what Mexico has experienced the last few years. 


With Mexico on the verge of electing it's first woman President, Josefina Vaszquez Mota, political drama is sure to ensue as Mexicans decide which road will lead to peace and prosperity. Stay tuned with LatinLifeDenver.com and read my next report...  

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Areas habitacionales- The priets who served the god Tepoztecatl, as well as their helpers, lived in houses located on the terraces that were constructec on the side of the hill.  In the main room, a vessel with a representation of the god Xochipilli was found.  The principal identifying attribute is the butterfly drawn around his mouth.  Xochipilli, in the Mesoamerican cosmogony, was the young god of maize (corn), food, procreation, and pleasure.  According to Fray Bernardino de Sahagun, Xochipilli was worshipped by people who lived in the palace, an assertion that is congruent with the fact that the vessel was found in the house where the priests lived.




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