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Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc.
Brooks Pepperfire Foods seeks Investor for their expansion project using Ebay auction of the sign given to them by the Government department; Canada Economic Development
Rigaud, Quebec - February 11, 2011- Failing to secure bank financing for their expansion project to be subsidized by the Federal Government, Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc. of Rigaud, Quebec launches Ebay auction to secure private financing for the project in anticipation of completing the project before its closing deadline of March 31, 2011.
Tina Brooks and Greg Brooks of Brooks Pepperfire Foods of Rigaud, Quebec announce that due to restrictive conditions requiring them to secure financing in order to complete their project, they have not actually "received" the offered $130,000 from the Government's Canada Action as was previously announced.

According to the Federal Minister's office at the CED, Approx. 3% of projects announced as part of the Canada Action Plan will not be receiving funding. On March 31st 2011, their ability to participate in the Minister's offer will end.

Says Tina Brooks, "The CED Action Plan fund offered to give us $130,000, to help create jobs and expand our business, but all we've been given is a sign with a promise of $130,000 attached to it. We have been unable to find a conventional bank willing to participate and we're running on short time. Someone suggested selling the sign. So, that's what we're doing."

The auction can be found on as number 120683709107.

Brooks Pepperfire Foods' continues to be in a position to require expansion and as such have decided to auction the Federal Government's sign, photo attached.

Canada Action Plan project sign; value $130,000 OBO
Canada Action Plan project sign; value $130,000 OBO
Potential investors will be shown the project, the offer and the annual statements of the company on request.

Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc. is a small batch food manufacturing company that is peanut-free, nut-free and bleach free. Peppermaster brand products are free from preservatives, chemical extracts and gluten. The product line's focus is on top quality ingredients that can be traced from farm to table, and specialize in being very hot and spicy. The company is located at 26 St. Jean Baptiste, in Rigaud Quebec. They have been in business at the same address since incorporation in 2004. 

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Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc.
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