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January 26, 2011
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Ellia Communications, Inc. is a career coaching and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping women achieve breakthrough - in their lives and work, relationships, and in their businesses - to create the success and fulfillment they truly want.  Ellia offers transformative coaching, seminars, marketing consulting and resources that help women achieve their highest visions of passion, power, and purpose.
Kathy's book, Breakdown, Breakthrough offers a powerful, holistic guide to overcoming the 12 hidden crises women face today.

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Hello! How's your week going?  Great, I hope.

Personally, I've had a few hard knocks this week from several people who indicated they'd like to offer constructive feedback, but then proceeded to tear down and put down.

Helpful or Hurtful?
It's an interesting experience, to come open-hearted to someone to receive their feedback, thinking it will be a growing experience to hear their thoughts, only to discover that the input is not coming from a kind, compassionate or caring place, or being offered as a means of help.  Know what I mean?  Have you experienced that lately too? 

Well, as hard as it is to be "torn down," I'm using it as fodder for growth. I'm taking the time to settle into it and feel what it's teaching me.  I'm looking at how I co-created the space for it. I'm also continuing to build stronger boundaries, and remembering that not everyone is going to like us! 

As You Spread Your Wings, You Bump into More Things

I've heard, and now believe, that the clearer we get about who we are and what we're doing here, the more powerful and purposeful we are on that path, the more people will find us off-putting or threatening (and unlikable)!  I've heard it said that if you're not offending anyone, you're not taking a strong enough stand!  Intriguing concept, and I'm seeing a good deal of validity in it.

As I've been experiencing some challenging feedback that didn't feel as if it were coming from a pure place, perhaps you have too?  I hope not, but if so, please remember this: 

You're awesome, and you're working very diligently to come from a place of service and to help many, from your heart.  You are special, and it's time to stop shying away from your specialness. 
You have the right to share your uniqueness in a powerful way with others.  And if others bristle or lash out, don't dishonor yourself by beating yourself up that you've done something wrong.  Treat yourself with love and compassion (and find compassion in your heart for the "hater").  But also find the courage (and take the time) to learn the important lessons you need to experience, all along the way.
Brush Those "Haters" Off
If someone tears you down with cruelty or out of spite or jealously, brush the "hater" off and pick yourself up!  Don't be dragged down.  Certainly, find compassion and understanding in your heart, but remember that only you can understand and recognize your true path. 

(Deep thanks go to my amazing virtual assistant -- Yoana Brecker, of Advantage Virtual Support -- for that sound and caring piece of advice!) 

Prosperity Marketing Mindset Group Coaching for Women - February program begins February 2nd


Towards that end (of finding supportive, uplifting community who would like to nurture and support you), I'm so happy to share that I'm holding another Prosperity Marketing Mindset group tele-coaching program, beginning February 2nd. 


This is a five-week group tele-coaching program for women entrepreneurs, coaches, practitioners, small business owners and creatives who are ready to take their ventures to the next level of success and fulfillment.


Click here for more about the program:

Prosperity Marketing Mindset for Women


As I work with women entrepreneurs and watch my own behaviors, I see the need for all of us to be more vigilant about our money mindset, and take care that it doesn't hold us back from expansion.  There seems to be a pervasive belief among folks today that "money is a distraction from our soul's work."  Well, I don't agree!


Money can help us become all we wish to, here in this lifetime.  Learning to speak up powerfully and effectively for and about ourselves, and bringing ourselves to "market" by engaging with the energy of money in an empowered way -- these are some of the most liberating and beneficial actions we can take. 


If you're ready to move forward to experience more financial success but suspect you harbor beliefs that making more money will get in the way of true service (and if marketing yourself feels uncomfortable), I hope you'll join me on Feb. 2nd for our Prosperity Marketing Mindset group tele- coaching program. 


We'll explore our beliefs around money and service, and also uncover five core strategies to greater success and fulfillment in your professional life and business. 


You'll learn how to:


Week 1: Get Clear!- Determine your unique value, mission, and core competitive advantage and the products/services you wish to offer (and expand your money mindset in a positive way)


Week 2: Get Writing! - Use your creative ideas and know-how to expand your platform and community  


Week 3: Get Speaking! - Share your wisdom, skills and talents with your community to build customers and clients


Week 4: Get Collaborating!  - Create partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded professionals who are mutually supportive, and learn how to love networking  


Week 5: Get Envisioning! - Create a concrete S.M.A.R.T plan for your business that will guide you to long-term fulfillment, success, and joy  


Being exposed to new empowering mindsets and strategies -- and sharing with supportive women who wish to help you on your path -- will change how you see and manage your business and your life. 


Hope you'll join me!  Click here for more or to register.


Thank you, my friends, and wishing you many happy breakthroughs,




P.S. Excited to share that two of my short e-books for career and entrepreneurial women are now available on SONY Reader.  Please click for more info on Seven Steps to Your Personal Entrepreneurial Breakthrough and Overcoming the 7 Crises Working Women Face Today.






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