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December 2016
Hello Buddy Baseball Fans, 

2015 has been an awesome year for Buddy Baseball.  We celebrated our 100th Saturday of Buddy Baseball in October.  25% of our participants are new to the league.  We were featured on a few of the local morning news programs.  The success of our league is the result of our fantastic buddies, coaches, volunteers and sponsors. 

We have two new board members: Dennis Mueller and Barry Clements.  Dennis has been with the league since the beginning.  He is the Operations Manager for the Orlando Division of Hugh MacDonald Construction/Alvarez Roofing.  Barry is the Executive Deputy Director of USF Athletics/Chief Operating Officer.  We are excited to have them on our board of directors. 

We have been invited to be on Fox 13's Good Day Tampa Bay - Charley's World on Monday December 19th.  We will be playing a game and Charley Belcher will be out to feature us.  Let me know if you are interested in playing.  You will need to be at the fields by 7:00 a.m. 

Have a great holiday season and we will see you in the spring!

Russ Oberbroeckling
Executive Director

Registration is Open
Our next season will start on 2/25/2017 and end on 4/8/2017.  
The Meet and Greet will be on Saturday 2/18/2017.
The registration deadline is Friday 1/6/2017 at 5:00pm 
Here is the link to register.

End of Season Party
We had a great time at our End of Season Party at Pin Chasers. Over 200 people attended the party and a fun time was had by all. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it a success.
Player Spotlight - Corey Hemmert
Corey Hemmert
Corey is 20 years old and he has played every season of Buddy Baseball!  Corey is an excellent hitter.  He  loves listening to music and playing PS4 games. Corey has a dog named Rowdy who is 14. Corey enjoys learning new job skills at the REACH program and he rides the city bus every day on his own to get there and back!
Buddy Spotlight - Thomas Dorr
Player Ka'Rhon Dorsey - Buddy Thomas Dorr
This is Thomas's third season as a buddy.  He is 18 years old and goes to Sunlake High School. Thomas likes the Red Sox, the Patriots and has a dog named Fenway.  His favorite restaurant is Chipolte
Rookie Spotlight - Chase Rivera
Player Chase Rvera
Chase is a first time player with Buddy Baseball. He is 16 years old and attends Focus Academy.  Chase has three brothers, enjoys watching movies with his Grandma, he likes to sing and would like to meet Jason Derulo. 
Coach  Spotlight - Gina D'Amico
Gina D'Amico
Gina is a long time coach with the Wildcats.  She always comes with St. Patrick's Day and Halloween decorations for her team. She has said, "W ithout doubt, this is the most rewarding thing I have ever participated in."
Volunteer Spotlight
Stephanie K.
Every Friday before our games for the past four or five years, Stephanie meets me at the fields after work to clean up the grounds and get them ready for the games on Saturday.  She enjoys traveling and volunteering.
Where are they now?
Matthew Grynbal
Matthew has played Buddy Baseball for 10 seasons, since the inaugural season. He has played for the Bombers and  Wildcats. Matthew graduated from Pepin High School in 2013.

Matthew currently works at PDQ and has been there for about a year and works as a dining room attendant.

He loves going to see the Tampa Bay Lightning. He loves his sister Emily and step sister Hannah and his 2 dogs, Charlie and Zoey.
Sponsor Spotlight
TECO Energy - Big Bend Power Station has been a long time sponsor of Buddy Baseball.  This is their second year as a Grand Slam Sponsor.

December Birthdays
Age Birthday
Andrew Garrett 21 12/2
Rodney Perry 12/3
Michaela  Mezzei 13 12/4
Kylie Fedkow 18 12/4
Jose Tirado 11 12/5
Sarah Otteson 21 12/7
Kingston Nathan 9 12/7
Kenny Eastman 12/10
Daniel Neuman 22 12/10
William Rosario 11 12/12
Isabella Lindley  17 12/14
Jeffrey Hiner 18 12/15
Chanda Harkness 12/16
Caleb Evans 14 12/18
Adell Davis 14 12/19
Daniel McLeod 14 12/21
Camden Nicholson 9 12/21
Nina Nicholson 9 12/21
Nehemiah  Rentz 13 12/23
Vicky Talley 12/25
Michaela Bertic 18 12/28
Jill Lorice Lamb 12/28
Josh Padgett 22 12/29

WEDU Be More Awards
We have been nominated in the "Be More Relevant" category for the 2017 WEDU Be More Awards.  The top candidates will then be judged by an impartial panel.  You can vote once per day until noon on Wednesday December 7th.  Thanks for voting!

Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile
When shopping on line. Consider using Amazon Smile. A portion of the the sale will be donated back to Buddy Baseball, no extra cost to you. Just use  https://smile.amazon.com/  selecting Buddy Baseball as the organization that you are supporting the next time you are shopping on Amazon. Thanks.

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(813) 416-5742
Until next time...   PLAY BALL!!

Russ Oberbroeckling
Executive Director
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