Buddy's Newsletter!

October 12, 2017  


Buddy's Stock Up Sale!
Now Thru Oct. 15!

$24.99/3.5g for any of these indoor strains 
when you buy the first at $29.99/3.5g! 

Mix-n-Match 3 or more for just $27.49/3.5g! No Limit!

Black Jack - Uplifting Jack Herer x Black Domina!

Campbell Kush - Our local version of OG Kush!

Cheisel - Sour Diesel x Cheese!

Citron - California Orange x Pineapple Kush!

Key Lime Kush - Tangerine Haze x OG Kush!

Lemon Head - NYC Diesel x OG Kush!

Space Oddity - Star Trek Haze x Pink Cookies!

while supplies last.

Thank You, Buddy's Patients!

Thanks to all of our patients who attended 
Buddy's Music Presents Sublime With Rome 
on the Hammer Theatre's rooftop on September 27! 

We raised money for PATHSanJose - an amazing organization that helps our homeless population - and got to hang out with this iconic band!  

The bassist, Eric Wilson, liked Buddy's so much that he wore our shirt at their concert later that evening at Shoreline Amphitheatre!

Much love to these guys! 
Keep watching Buddy's, because we'll be doing this again soon!

Buddy's 710 Oil Sale!

- Now Through Friday, Oct. 13 -

Enjoy 10% OFF Any Of These Items!

Gold Drop Carts - 0.5g and 1g Reg. $29.99/$49.99/each

Legion of Bloom - PAX Era Pods Reg. $59.99/each

Lifted Rosin - 0.5g Reg. $29.99/each

Moxie 710 Carts - 0.5g Reg. $29.99/each

Raw Garden Live Resin - 0.5g Reg. $29.99/each

Spliffin Carts - 0.5g and 1g Reg. $29.99/$49.99/each

Temple Extracts - PAX Era Pods Reg. $49.99/each

while supplies last.

Buddy's Best Deal Of The Week!

Buddy's Greenhouse Candyland
Candyland is a hybrid cross of Grand Daddy Purple x Platinum Cookies.

Enjoy 20% OFF! 

Now Just $39.99/7g!

Reg. $49.99/7g

while supplies last.   WE WILL SELL OUT EARLY!!
Buddy's Hot, New Strains!

Check Out These Top-Shelf Strains Today!
Extreme Cookies  - MK Ultra x Girl Scout Cookies! This is a heavy-hitting indica that is a great end-of-day strain. $44.99/3.5g
Joe's Ghost  - This newest strain from our indoor garden is a powerful hybrid cross of OG Kush (Joe's cut) x OG Kush (Ghost cut). Smooth and light on flavor, this strain helps ease physical pain and restores a sense of calm. $39.99/3.5g!
Skywalker  - We just packed a fresh batch of our High Times Cannabis Cub winner! $54.99/3.5g.

Strawberry Banana - The terpenes of this indica-hybrid are out of control! Super-fruity taste and strong, relaxing effect! $49.99/3.5g.

while supplies last.