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May 2012 #1 

Eye of the Storm
Government In the Eye of the Storm



We are at the time of the year when many governments are trying to finalize their budgets for the coming fiscal year.  They are trying to continue to provide vitally needed services, after years of cuts, even though revenues may be continuing to decrease and costs are continuing to increase.  We are now offering an opportunity for a second opinion at this critical time before the budget is completed.


We work with mayors, administrators, executives, CFO's, finance directors and other budgeting team members to help them create more value.  We help to 'tee-up' tough decisions by providing analyses and ideas for their review and approval.  We provide second opinions so they can be sure that they have gone the extra mile and obtained ideas from some of the best in the business.


We are turnaround specialists and our job for the last 25 years has been to:
  • Use our unique perspectives and experiences as highly successful turnaround experts in government, private industry and nonprofits to generate solutions that are both creative and practical    
  • Wring out more dollars even when everyone else says it's impossible and they already have cut to the bone
  • Find significant new resources or refocus existing spending to generate a surplus even when it seems like there is no money
  • Bring fresh and time-tested opinions from work in over 50 industries as well as other governments 
  • Generate financial benefits that will be a multiple of our costs
  • Take action quickly and help to make a sense of urgency contagious
  • Help with implementation from successful experiences as an interim CEO and Emergency Financial Manager
  • Increase accountability by setting deadlines, developing measurable performance statistics and tracking progress on a regular basis
  • Bring in other expert team members, if you deem appropriate, to help in engineering, accounting, real estate and many other specialties


Our discussions will be held in complete confidence; our first meeting will be complimentary and without further obligation.  Don't delay and allow this crucial period of time to slip away.  Call us at 248-683-5295 or 





We are experts and specialists whose track records are based on tangible and measurable results. We are not just preparers of reports and impractical plans who are gone at crunch time.  Fred Leeb's background includes an MBA from Wharton and solid business experience directly transferable to your issues.  Our procedures also are to supply only what you can not provide yourself so as to maximize our added value and to utilize our extensive network of specialists only when appropriate.




Q: How is your firm different from all the other "experts" who provide reports and analyses?
A: We are highly experienced turnaround consultants who already have been successful in solving problems just like yours under very difficult circumstances. We already have "walked the talk".

Q: How can we pay you if we already don't have enough money for the ongoing budgeted work that needs to be done?
A: We know how to generate enough additional revenue and/or reduce expenses to improve your operations, generate a multiple return  on our costs for you and still have enough to pay us too. 

Q: Are you going to try to take over and not even listen to us?
A: No, you are the client and you make the decisions as to whether our analyses and recommendations should be changed or adopted. We are successful only by helping you to be as successful as possible.

Q: How long is it going to take before we can expect to see results? How are you going to know more than we do about our own unique issues?
A: We can prepare a "scouting report" identifying major potential benefits in 2-3 weeks. We have found, however, that our clients often want us to stay on and help because we are professionals in being change agents. Our expertise is different than the skill-set needed for normal operations. Our involvement can range from periodic advisory services and/or performance updates to implementation assistance, as you deem necessary.


Call us now at 248-683-5295 to discuss your turnaround issues and our potential practical solutions based on our long track record of success. 
Our discussions will be held in complete confidence; our first meeting will be complimentary and without further obligation.  Don't delay and allow opportunities to slip away.

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       Call us now at
to discuss the specific issues at your business, governmental unit or nonprofit.  We will show you how to gain from our practical and creative solutions based on our long track record of success.  

We specialize in:
  • Assisting in managing financial crises
  • Building strength and cash flow
  • Analyzing potential benefits from consolidations and alliances 
  • Providing objective and unbiased evaluations; breaking gridlocks 
  • Developing realistic budgets
  • Tightening cash and control systems
  • Measuring and reporting on progress
  • Evaluating and improving major contracts
  • Weeding out low-productivity assets 
  • Being able to help implement key recommendations
  • Stopping the jumping from crisis to crisis and from fire to fire.
  • Cutting cost
  • Operating as an interim CEO
  • Being the agent for positive change
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Collecting accounts receivable
  • Rebuilding credibility.  
Our discussions will be held in complete confidence; our first meeting will be complimentary and without further obligation.  Don't delay and allow opportunities to slip away.


 Fred Leeb won the Turnaround of the Year Award from the Turnaround Management Association ("TMA") for outstanding work.  He also was appointed by the Governor of Michigan to be the first Emergency Financial Manager for the City of Pontiac for a 15 month period that ended June 30, 2010. He led the city to two years of surplus after many years of deficits, to upgrade the City's bond rating, to negotiate successfully with six unions and to generate over $115 million in multi-year benefits.


Fred Leeb has been the head of his own turnaround consulting firms, Fred Leeb & Associates, LLC and the Nonprofit Management Group, LLC for the last 17 years. 


Fred also has worked on over a dozen multi-billion dollar companies (e.g., Ford, Occidental Petroleum, Xerox, Oracle and Unisys) and on numerous small and medium-sized local businesses. This has included both extremely successful companies and those with tremendous challenges.

Fred's turnaround consulting career also has included what are now PriceWaterhouseCoopers and AlixPartners, two of the most successful consulting firms in the country. He has acted as a trusted advisor, financial consultant, interim CEO, liquidator, negotiator, and vice president of a debtor-in-possession management team. He has worked on many turnarounds, complex transactions, sales of multiple subsidiaries to generate cash, detailed analyses of related party transactions, negotiations with secured and unsecured creditors, large capital spending budgets, mergers and acquisitions, litigation support, fraud investigations, and creating new, practical strategies for the future.


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