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We've worked hard this week to cook up another batch of fun for you to indulge in over the weekend. So, get out your reading glasses and soldering iron and build something cool.  If you do, we'd love to hear about it.  


That's it, enjoy!
Build This Test Bench Power Supply
Build A Test Bench Power Supply

Every bench needs a power supply to fully complement the rest of its test equipment. This dual channel, regulated supply may be just what you need for design and repair of low- and mid-power circuitry.

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Heatsink Selection Basics

Don't get burned on your next build. The proper heatsink can save you from burnt fingers and burned up devices!

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Flood Detection Alarm

Is there water in your basement? Or anywhere else it shouldn't be? This simple water detection circuit will sound the alarm before it becomes a disaster!

Smiley's Workshop - AVR C Programming
Teaching A Butterfly To Talk.

In this episode, we'll learn some more C syntax, a bit about libraries, and teach your Butterfly to talk.

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Audio Amplifiers
Practical small-signal audio amplifier circuits. Part 4 of 8


Transistor amplifiers have many useful applications in mono and stereo audio systems. For most practical purposes, each channel of a stereo system can be broken down into three distinct circuit sections, or blocks.    


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