Slate Roof Work Resumes!

With weather finally back in our favor, work on the historic Moffat Library building now continues with additional portions of the library building's roof receiving brand new gray slate tile, which was used originally on the building's roof when the library was constructed in 1887; and had been subsequently replaced with asbestos tile in the 1970s.

The curved, windowed wall of the new children's room extension, along with the rear of the library, where a drive-thru pick-up and drop-off window will be situated, is shown above as well.

Work is on schedule and a September 2017 Grand Re-Opening fast approaches!  Stay tuned for more details!

For more photographs on building construction progress, click here.

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Writing Contest
The submission deadline for the Moffat Library Writing Contest for children and teens grades 3-12 is extended until Monday, April 3rd.
Winners will to be announced May 1st.

Sunday, April 2 
12 Noon - 4 PM

Round Hill House Washingtonville

Lynne Tillman is a novelist, short story writer and cultural critic.

Larry Beinhart is best known as the author of the political and detective novel American Hero

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College Admissions & Financial Aid
Thursday, March 28th
@ 6:30 PM

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Essential Oils 101
Saturday, March 11th
@ 2:00 PM

Learn how essential oils are used to balance and support women's emotional well-being.  

Our presenter, Maria Soltis, is a holistic health counselor and wellness advocate.

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Great Beginnings
Book Club
2nd Tuesday of the month
@ 7:30 PM

Tuesday, March 14th
The Birdmen
by Lawrence Goldstone

Contemporary Classics Book Club
2nd Thursday of month
@ 12 noon

Wednesday, March 16th
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean Bauby

Cook Book Book Club
3rd Tuesday of month
@ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, March 21st 
Ultimate Chili Cook-off

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