Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass
ShotShield™ Bullet Resistant 
Glass & Glazing by Protective Structures   
May 2014

ShotShield Bullet Resistant Glass and Glazing is offered exclusively through Protective Structures and includes a variety of glazing options for interior and exterior architectural applications.  Products are tested in accordance with the UL-752 standards to levels 1 - 8 and bare the UL label to ensure the highest quality and performance. 


The ShotShield™ product line includes the following bullet resistant transparencies:

 Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate & Acrylic
ShotShield™ Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate and Acrylic are available in UL752 levels 1, 2 and 3. Protective Structures utilizes this type of glazing most often when constructing interior bandit barriers and transaction windows.  Polycarbonate is a laminated product that captures the projectile, offering no-spall protection.  Acrylic is most well known for its exceptional clarity.  Both products are ideal for protecting public entrances and cash transaction areas.  Call today for assistance with your project! 
Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass
Protective Structures offers bullet resistant laminated glass and glass clad polycarbonate when higher levels of protection are required.  Most often used for securing exterior openings, storefronts and guard booths, these laminated ballistic glazing options offer optimal protection from high velocity weapons.  Tinting and insulating options are available, allowing for installation in a variety of architectural applications. Contact us for more information!

ShotShield™ glazing can be used in a wide variety of applications where bullet resistant glazing or bullet proof glass is required. Such applications include door lites, transaction windows, bandit barriers, storefronts, curtain walls, guard booths, secure entrances and many other interior and exterior bullet resistant applications.  Contact Protective Structures for assistance with your project today!     888-521-8666 
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