December 2014
Burton Butler's Blankets 

Burton has been volunteering with the Gubbio Project for the past 7 years (aside from several Board members, our longest serving volunteer!!).  Each month he has spent countless hours going to yard and garage sales in Marin and buying up used blankets and sleeping bags and then crossing the bridge to deliver between 50-100 blankets, along with some jackets, socks, shoes, and anything else he knows might be valuable to keep our guests warm. Our guests love the 'specialty blankets' (anything not the disintegrate-able gray ones) that remind them of home  He came last month to tell us it was his last month.  

Unfortunately, he shared with a smile and his characteristic wit, he is living much longer than anticipated and needs to start saving some money.  He has been spending between $5000-$7,000 a year on this life-saving venutre - about $500/month.

The good news is he is willing to continue to collect and deliver the blankets if we can help support the collection.  A donor that wishes to remain anonymous, immediately pledged to match donations up to $250/month.  Do you we have any other folks who can make up part or all of the other $250/month?   

If so, click here - Matching Pledge - mark the 'monthly' circle and write 'Blankets' in the designation box.  Thank you! 
The Sanctity of the Church
- Jose Lopez, Vincentian Service Corps Member

I believe the church, the actual structure, is sacred and holy.  I believe this because of what I was taught growing up.  Hearing and learning about my faith, and believing it, naturally led me to believe in the strength of the church; and has now led me to my job at The Gubbio Project and to wholeheartedly believe in our mission.   Since being at The Gubbio Project I have seen that our guests also believe our church is sacred and holy; but they believe it for different reasons. 


St. Boniface  

The other day I was making my rounds around the church to make sure everything was running smoothly.  I finished outside in front of the church.  As I was walking back inside a man stopped me and thanked me.  He thanked me for being here.  I started talking to him and he told me about himself.  He told me that since he has been in San Francisco, he feels the safest in our church.  He explained that growing up in areas suffering from the injustice of poverty, it is hard to find a place that gives a peaceful and positive vibe.  He said "even when I tried to hang around people who were positive, addiction and crime found its way through."  I responded by saying "that's what the church is here for, to help you get some rest from all of that".  When I said that, I was solely and unfortunately just talking about St. Boniface Church.  My favorite part of our conversation was.. Continue reading here. 

Benefit show for The Gubbio Project - 31 January!

Neutral Ground, an organization that seeks to create a dialog between tech workers and local organizations, will be selling art and other items to benefit The Gubbio Project.  January 31st will be a night of fun and music all in the name of sacred sleep!  For more information on the event click here; or you can
click here to contribute. 
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Burton Butler - Matching Pledge
Reflection by Jose
Gubbio making headlines
Running for Gubbio
Gubbio in the News: 

San Francisco Chronicle
 "Nonprofit's leader helps St. Boniface give sanctuary to the homeless"

As rain pounds San Francisco's Tenderloin, more than 100 homeless people are snoozing on the pews inside St. Boniface Catholic Church, while school children leading Mass ask the Lord to give the needy a safe and happy Christmas.

To read the whole article click here.
and the 

"La Navidad de los desamparados en San Francisco es tener un lugar caliente de dormir"

The San Francisco Catlico, a paper in Spanish that strives to capture "Catholic thinking on all ethical and social questions" featured the mission of The Gubbio Project on its front page!  

Para leyendo el articulo entero, hace click aqui
Running for Gubbio!

Jeremiah Currier of Zendesk is running the San Francisco Marathon; and he is raising funds for The Gubbio Project!  Jeremiah's race is July 26, 2015.
Click here to support him and his incredible intentions.

Good luck, Jeremiah!
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