Tis' the Season to Shop Local Shop Seguin

The Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is giving you yet another reason to shop local, shop Seguin this holiday season. This year the SEDC has teamed up with five local businesses to host a special shop local promotion to compliment the other shop local campaigns here in Seguin. We have branded the campaign "Real Seguin Holiday Savings."
The "Real Seguin Holiday Savings" was designed with the intention of saving residents a little extra money on all of their holiday essentials, while concurrently aiding sales for our local Seguin businesses. The SEDC has created over 500 "Real Seguin Holiday Savings" Coupon Books filled with coupons from the five participating stores.

The "Real Seguin Holiday Savings" campaign will take place from December 15th through January 5th.  Each of the five participating stores have created a promotion specifically for the "Real Seguin Holiday Savings" campaign. Any customer who shops at the five participating stores and takes advantage of the promotions, is eligible to fill out the respective coupon from their "Real Seguin Holiday Savings" Coupon Book, drop it into the bucket at the participating store, and be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card to that store, purchased by the SEDC.

"Real Seguin Holiday Savings" Coupon Books are available at each of the five participating stores, the Seguin Public Library, the Seguin City Hall and at the Seguin Economic Development Corporation Office (211 N. River St.). In total, there are five businesses, five $50 gift cards available, and five more reasons to shop local this holiday season.
The five participating stores and their promotions are as follows:

Gift and Gourmet: 25% off of all Yeti Products and Fiesta Dinnerware

Tracy's Trends: Buy one item, get the second 25% off

The Nail Shop: Enjoy 10% off of all salon services

Black Forest Comics: Buy one toy, get the second 50% off

Vogue Shoes: Enjoy 10% off of all regular priced items


Joshua Schneuker, Director of Economic Development says, "The ultimate goal of our shop local initiative is to get people to shop local every chance they get. That's why they have teamed up with five stores in an effort to draw more attention to the great products and services that are available right here in Seguin." 

There is still time to shop local this holiday season. Not only will you be getting great deals from people who live, work and play in Seguin, but you'll also be getting a chance to win some great prizes as part of each promotion.

Get out and shop local this Holiday season, Seguin. Follow the SEDC Facebook page for more details on the "Real Seguin Holiday Savings" campaign. The five week event is currently underway, and runs through Christmas Day.

Central States Manufacturing celebrates their thriving operations here in Seguin
The City of Seguin Welcomes Central States Manufacturing LLC
The City of Seguin officially welcomed another prominent company into our business community. On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, Elected Officials, City Staff and representatives from the Seguin Chamber of Commerce all gathered for a special grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Central States Manufacturing. The event was held at Central States new 44,000 square foot facility located at 2902 N Heideke Street in Seguin. A tour of the facility was led by Stan Pissarski, General Manager of Operations, following the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Central States Manufacturing manufactures high quality fastener panels, trims, gutters, building accessories and a variety of purlin profiles in red oxide and galvanized finishes. The company also manufacturers standing seam products. Central States Manufacturing, serves over 2,000 post frame, commercial, residential and architectural customers in the United States.

The company was started as a small production plant in Rogers, Arkansas in 1988 by Carl Carpenter. Today the company employs approximately 572 employees and has over 440,000 square feet of manufacturing space nationwide.

 "We are an employee-owned company, 100 percent. We're a manufacturer of metal building components. We manufacture basically steel buildings, everything from structural to the skins of the buildings. We are servicing the market from Austin to Houston, all the way down to the Valley. We are walking in a territory that we think is going to be very prosperous for us. I'm real excited to be here," said Pissarski.

The Seguin Economic Development Corporation began dialogue with Central States back in May 2015. It was a a few short months later that the company selected their current site within Seguin to build their new manufacturing facility.
Central States will employ about 20 to 25 individuals at the start of their operations. With product demand expected to grow, Central States estimates they could exceed 50 employees at the Seguin facility in the next 5 years. This will include manufacturing exempt and non-exempt positions.

Pissarski stated, "We are very pleased with the Seguin facility. This facility will serve as the prototype for future Central States facilities as we continue expansion."

The South Texas facility will be designed to receive and store raw materials and manufacture metal building components. It will also have the capability to load route trucks and support daily service to and from the southern point of Austin, south to Brownsville, and west along the IH 10 corridor to Louisiana.

Education and workforce systems in the United States are failing to keep pace with the changing needs of the economy, and employers are struggling to find skilled workers who can contribute to their companies' growth and success. In order for local communities to stay competitive in a global economy, workers need to be educated, highly skilled and quickly adaptable to fast-paced economic trends. Such a workforce will help support current and future business and industry needs while enhancing employment opportunities and quality of life for residents. Cities across the country are realizing that a quality workforce is one of the single most important factors for promoting economic competitiveness.

In order to address our regional workforce needs, the Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), the Seguin Chamber of Commerce, and the Alamo Colleges-Central Texas Technology Center (CTTC) partnered to host the Talent Pipeline Project-Manufacturing Workforce Summit. On December 12, 2016 from 11 AM to 1 PM, nearly 60 representatives from the manufacturing and education sectors came to discuss our regional workforce needs and see how we can work together to build a stronger employee pipeline within the region. In addition to the discussion on workforce, the event also provided attendees with information on project based learning and information on grant opportunities available through the Texas Workforce Commission.

"The goal of the Manufacturing Workforce Summit is to begin dialogue between our educators and industry so that we are all on the same page of what our regional workforce needs are and how we can integrate solutions into school district's curriculum." Said Josh Schneuker, Executive Director for the Seguin Economic Development Corporation. "This event was a very important first step towards our common goal of building a stronger employee pipeline within our region. It is crucial that we build upon the momentum of the summit and continue the dialogue between industry and education."

Like other communities across the nation, Seguin needs new strategies to expand career pathways and help our youth get the training and education they need to succeed in the labor market. By scaling up and sustaining the most promising practices of workforce development, we can strengthen individuals, businesses and our regional economy.

The manufacturing workforce summit was an important first step in examining the need for a demand-driven system. The SEDC, Seguin Chamber of Commerce, the CTTC and our representatives from the manufacturing and education sectors will continue to work together and move to the next step in building a stronger workforce by collectively addressing the common skills that employers need, sector by sector, industry by industry.

Joshua Schneuker
Director of Economic Development

Karlee Scheel
Business Recruitment Specialist

Ashlynn Tovar
Business Retention Specialist

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