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Happy New Year - Happy New You!
Blog by Julie Miller, M.D.


Before I started working for Dr. Hale, I worked at Wellspring in Woodburn for Silverton Hospital.  The original concept for Wellspring was all around wellness and most of the people working there were very natural, non toxic, beauty from with in, etc.,  which is all great but when you are trying to promote an aesthetic practice where your primary treatment is injecting a toxin into your face..........   We had some very interesting conversations about why we spend billions of dollars on our looks but won't spend any time or money on making ourselves healthy. (Ha! We need some work there as well.)  We never did figure that one out but I know that since the beginning of civilization beauty is recognized in nature and in ourselves.   Recently I have had conversations with some new patients who are searching within themselves for the meaning, value and permission to do something for themselves.  Are we vain?  


During World War 2 lipstick sales skyrocketed. 


In good times, bad times, and for all time, we have always wanted to look the best we can.  It doesn't have to be younger, just better, not so tired, etc.  I think we are fortunate to be in a time where there are some affordable options. Thirty five years ago my mother in law had a face lift and she was pulled so tight that she didn't look like herself for 2 years.  Fortunately, face lifts don't have to be like that anymore because we have all these other options that enhance as well.

I have an easier time than most internalizing the debate between my vainness and the investment because of my profession.  The doctors would practice on the staff and family when they wanted to try a new procedure so I was lucky to be a test dummy.


The main comments I hear from patients are:  

#1 "My kids tell me I look mad all the time."  

#2 "I just want to look good for my age or I feel younger than I look." #3 "Everyone tells me I look tired."


Fortunately, if you choose to treat, there are options to rejuvenate and protect your skin at all levels and prices.  I think the main obstacle to taking care of ourselves is ourselves; we are too busy taking care of everyone else.  The smart ones wake up around age 40 and start taking care of their skin and then the rest of us wait until 50+, once the kids don't need us and we realize we need to do some catch up.  The interesting thing is chronology isn't the best measure of skin's health and good looks.  The rate at which skin ages is significantly influenced by genetics, lifestyle habits (stress), nutrition, exercise, exposure to sun, smog, smoking, hydration, sleep and your skin care regime.  Here is a quote I came across that sums it up well, "Wrinkles may be the road map of life, but no one wants to read an atlas when they look in the mirror."  It really isn't about age it is about looking good at the point in time where you are.  So I give you permission to investigate the many options out there and see if there is something that would make you feel good.  Consultations with me are always free so let me know if I can help you on your journey.

Happy New Year and Happy New You!




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