Voice-Over AGENTS:
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With Acclaimed  
Voice Talent & Coach 
J. Michael Collins
& Special Guest
Liz Atherton of TAG Talent  
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J. Michael Collins ...  

J. Michael Collins is a professional voice actor, coach, demo producer, and casting director with over 20 years of full time experience.

Renown for his business savvy, J. Michael has helped hundreds of voice talents develop careers ranging from the classic LA/union path to the ever expanding world of online casting.  
He is a frequent speaker at voice-over conferences, and presents workshops and educational sessions worldwide. 
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J. Michael leads a  
wildly popular and exclusive series of 
VoiceOverXtra webinars
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Webinars ... 

"Thank you, VoiceOverXtra and J. Michael for one of the best webinars I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot). It was comprehensive and well organized with
just the right touches
of wit and information."
- Maria C. Makis
"The webinar was money well spent. The items J. Michael talked about and the golden nuggets he gave were priceless."
- John Davenport

"Great information. I always enjoy your webinars."
- Alicia Hurley

"This was a great investment. I am reviewing each segment, taking notes and applying the awesome info that J. Michael shared."
-Tim Evans

"An enriching two hours. It's clear why J. Michael is so successful. Telling it like it is plays a big part."
- Mike Hanson

"Really appreciate all of this! Amazing stuff."
- Bryan Gaines

"This has been fantastic. A big thank-you for your generosity and time - not to mention knowledge sharing."
- David Bateson

"Want results? Then you have to train with
J. Michael. After employing his tips and techniques, I found a 200% jump in my bookings in the first week! I can't thank him enough." 
- Mike Brang 

Talent agents are the gatekeepers of the very best work in the voice-over industry, often handling individual jobs with payouts into the six figures. If you want to be a part of this world you NEED agency representation, and you need to know which agents are right for you!

See and hear J. Michael Collins and special guest
Liz Atherton of TAG Talent in this exclusive VoiceOverXtra webinar recording to learn how to get and keep agents at all levels of the voice-over business.
J. Michael has been an agency-represented talent for over 20 years, and has more than 15 agents throughout the USA and around the world.  
Liz Atherton 
Liz is the head of TAG Talent, one of the most prominent and activist agencies in the industry, and is a fierce advocate for talent and for fair pay.  
TAG Talent represents professional, award-winning actors and VO artists, as well as impressive rising stars, and consistently appears in the top 1% of IMDB's "power" talent agencies.   
In this deep-dive webinar, J. Michael and Liz drill down in JMC's usual detailed style to teach you about:
  • Why agency representation is a critical element of a smart VO income mix.
  • Why the best jobs almost strictly go through talent agents.
  • What kind of jobs agencies handle, and those that they don't.
  • The three categories of agencies, and where each should fit into your business plan.
  • What you need to attract agency representation, and how it differs from major LA & NYC agents to local agencies.
  • How being union or non-union affects your ability to gain representation.
  • How to keep an agent once you get one.
  • How many agents you need.
  • Mistakes that talent make when applying for representation
  • Mistakes that talent make with the agents they have.
If you don't yet have any agent, or are looking to add new representation or break into big-league LA & NYC representation, this webinar will remove the mystery and help you achieve your goal.

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