"A Song is Somewhere to Begin"   

A Benefit Concert for the Earth  

Saturday, October 18, 7-9 pm

and A Community Singing Workshop

Saturday, October 18, 1-4 pm


with Sara Thomsen, folksinger 
and the Triad Tapestry Children's Chorus  

Come together to uplift your heart, renew your spirit,
and enjoy connecting through song!


This musical offering is designed
to inspire and renew the earth community
and to benefit three organizations who are working to heal the human-earth relationship:


  "Like the essence of a poem and the heart of a seed,
Sara's music is transforming."
-Elizabeth Nordell, Storyteller, Duluth, MN
In the afternoon  Community Singing Workshop, we will raise our collective  voices and sing compelling songs from around the world - songs of justice and peace, songs of hope and longing, and songs of joy.  Songs sung with intention, like seeds planted with care, can take root in an individual or community and flower into unexpected fruits: simple joy, healing balm, increased sensitivity, awe and wonder, a re-enchanted and revitalized spirit, a grounding and centeredness, and a deepening of compassion.  Come reclaim the joy of singing as a human birthright.  No previous singing or music reading experience is required.   


TheTriad Tapestry Children's Chorus will also perform in the evening concert.

These events are sponsored by the Fenwick Foundation.

For tickets, click here!

Benefit Concert: $20 adults; $5 students/children
Singing Workshop: $35 adults; $10 students/children
For assistance and sliding scale options, contact Hope Horton, hopevh@chorus.net

Singer-songwriter Sara Thomsen is a weaver of song and community singing. She  brings a new quality of hope and harmony to the rapidly changing times in which we live with her rich talent and deep authenticity that resonates with the soul.  At concerts, conferences, classrooms, workshops, retreats, jails, places of prayer, and lines of protest, to be with Sara is to want to sing.  With a voice rich as the best mid-west soil, Sara's songs carry you inward and outward-in, to the particulars of your own life and out into the shared humanity of us all.  Increasing wonder and awareness, deepening spiritual connection, and widening social engagement through song is at the heart of her work.  Sara's ability to get people singing magically transforms gatherings into communities empowered with possibility.


"I was impressed by Sara's ability to draw the audience into her songs, not just through singing, but through her presence. There seemed to be no barrier between the performer and the audience; it was as if a group of friends had gathered to spend an evening together."   

-Julie Flotten, Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, Finland, MN





Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

1501 Rock Creek Dairy Road

Whitsett, NC 27377