November 8, 2016

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January 25-26, 2017
Sacramento, CA

May 9-11, 2017
St. Paul, MN

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The Western LCCs and SWCSC Meet to Tackle    
 Trans-boundary Issues
This first-of-its-kind meeting brought together over 80 state, federal, tribal, and local governments, NGOs, universities, and non-profit representatives to the Asilomar State Park Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California to work together for effective landscape conservation. Click here to read more!

Webinar: Learn How Hosting a VISTA Volunteer can Increase Tribal Climate Resiliency 
November 10, 2016
11:00 AM  -12:00 PM
The Bureau of Indian Affairs Climate Office and American Indian Higher Education Consortium are partnering to identify Tribes and Tribal organizations wishing to host an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer to work on community climate resilience projects. 

Webinar: Teasing apart the genetic basis of adaptation in a changing climate: integrating approaches to inform climate-based forest management

November 16, 2016
11:00 AM  - 12:00 PM 
This webinar will  examines the genetic basis of adaptation in a changing climate, focusing on long-lived forest trees linking phenotype, genotype, and environment.

Now Hiring!  
Deadline: November 23, 2016
USFWS Region 8 is looking for a candidate who can lead the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's regional Congressional relations program in California, Nevada, and the Klamath Basin.

Joint CA LCC & NPLCC Webinar:
Effects of sea-level rise on Pacific Coast tidal marshes along a latitudinal gradient

Recording Now Available!
Dr. Karen Thorne presented modeling results  for 18 tidal marshes along the Pacific Coast  from  Puget  Sound, Washington to Southern California. 
Video of the week - The 2016 Winner of Dance Your PhD!
For a complete list of the 2016 winners of the Science Dance your PhD competition   click here!
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