Community Action Council of Howard County's mission is to diminish poverty, enable self-sufficiency and advocate for low-income families and individuals.  CAC's programs include early childhood education, housing assistance, energy and weatherization, and food assistance.  
CAC of Howard County Newsletter, Spring 2016
Message from the President
 A very happy spring to our friends.  We look forward to a season that represents a time for renewal, growth, and expansion.  This is a great time to envision endless possibilities and to use our gifts to commit to growth and improvement as a community.

Organizationally, this past year we completed our strategic planning process and have identified three major goals which are:
1). Self Sufficiency: Connect low-income households with comprehensive services that mitigate  poverty-related crisis and promote self-sufficiency. 
2). Capacity Building: Identify and secure opportunities  that expand current resources in order to support the delivery of services, and 
3). Community Advocacy and Organizing:   Expand advocacy roles in the community by actively engaging stakeholders. 
As we work hard to achieve our goals, we highly depend on your friendship and support, and count on you as our friends to provide feedback on how we are doing, how we can do better, and how you can become involved with our organization.   

To get involved, click here. 
Rotary Clubs Support CAC's Summer Enrichment Program
CAC is very grateful for the Howard County Rotary Clubs' support of our Head Start Summer Enrichment Program over many years.This program is an extension of Head Start's academic year that promotes school readiness for low-income 3- to 5-year-old children. To read a story about this program that was featured in March's Business Monthly  click here.

Head Start Centers Hope Message
About Nutritious Eating Will Bear Fruit
Head Start Hear the Crunch 2016
The morning of March 10 started like a typical day at the Ellicott City Head Start center.  Students were gathered at tables quietly eating their breakfasts of muffins and mandarin oranges family-style and drinking milk. It certainly did not like like "crunch time" was imminent. 
But "crunch time" at this location, as well as Howard County's other three Head Start centers was just moments away.  Unlike the stressful environment one usually conjures when the words "crunch time" are uttered, this was a healthy, fun occasion.  It was a morning when all 284 children in Howard County's Head Start program bit down simultaneously on nutritious apples to support the Maryland Hunger Solutions "Hear the Crunch" project.  This annual event raises awareness of the important role school breakfast plays in ensuring children have access to healthy food.

To read about the difference healthy food makes in children's lives and how Head Start supported the "Hear the Crunch" event, click here.  


JUNE 6- Bertucci's Event
Click here for more info. 

OCT 20-Holland Awards Dinner 6pm-8pm 
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CAC Board member Lori Conforti reads to Dasher Green Head Start students on March 2nd, Read Across America Day to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. 

The Law Offices of Kirk Halpin and Associates, P.A.  in Clarksville held a unique fundraiser at the Brunswick Zone in Columbia on Feb. 28.  The company reserved 26 alleys and invited staff, family, friends and clients of the firm to enjoy three hours of bowling along with a delicious catered lunch.  The law firm picked up the entire tab, but made one request - that attendees make either a financial and/or food donation to the Howard County Food Bank.  Attendees responded generously - they donated $7,900, 912 pounds of food and 5 pounds of non-food items.
As each CAC team member works and strives for excellence in our quest to enable others to enhance the quality of their lives and to share in the promise and opportunity of our community, we realize it takes a tremendous team effort from each and every member of our staff.   Read here about why these 5 were selected this quarter.


Welcome & get to know employees who have joined CAC in recent weeks  here .

Volunteer Turned Her Passion into a  Long, Fulfilling Head Start Career
When Gwendolyn ("Gwen") Hebron enrolled her only child, Antwan Morgan, in Head Start in 1978,  she  had no doubt that the experience would be good for her 3-year-old son educationally, emotionally, socially, and physically.

  But Gwen had no idea that her decision to volunteer in her son's classroom would dramatically change her life too.  By volunteering, this single parent had inadvertently planted a seed that sprouted into a long, rewarding career in the Head Start program.
To read about how Gwen's 36-year career in the Head Start program improved her life and those she taught, click here.  

C AC's Board of Directors jointly oversee CAC's activities. Below, meet some of CAC's officers.

Dwight Mikulis
I have been on the board since January 2015 and started as vice chair in January 2016. I'm fortunate to have some time outside of my professional work to contribute to non-profits.  I became connected to CAC through its work with One Month's Rent Initiative.  From that I realized how important the mission of CAC is to reduce the effects of poverty and enable self-sufficiency for economically disadvantaged residents of Howard County.  I am a se nior partner in the premier wealth management firm headquartered in Howard County, Pinnacle Advisory Group Inc.

CAC is the premier non-profit organization that works with and advocates for low-income individuals and families in the community.  The work, money and in-kind donations we deliver leverages $12 to every $1 received to benefit Howard County residents.

Anna Huyett , CPA 
I have worked with Bormel, Grice & Huyett, PA, a CPA firm, for over 30 years. I joined the Community Action Council of Howard County Board in March 2015 and serve as secretary on the Executive Board.

Going back several years, my family came to this country from Cuba and we ultimately settled in Maryland.  I am the second oldest of seven children, and because we were a low-income family, my youngest siblings were able to take advantage of the Head Start program.  With that background and having lived in Howard County for almost 30 years, I care about this county and am interested in supporting an organization whose roots lie in helping people in need become people who are self-sufficient.  CAC helps provide resources and services to many in Howard County and gives them the chance to share in the promise and opportunity of our community.   

Other CAC Board Members 
Kathryn Badger 
Walter Carson, Esquire 
Lori Conforti 
Patrick Curtis, CPA 
Sean Harbaugh 
William Howard, Jr. 
Tara Jackson, Laudemiro Francisco (Head Start Policy Council) 
S. Bruce Jaffe 
Dr. Clarence Lam, President 
Ashish Mehta 
Oren Saltzman, Esquire 
Judy Smith 
Rev. Dr. Robert Turner 

CAC's dedicated staff of 92 employees provides services for 35,000 Howard County residents.  That's a lot of people relying on us every day to provide basic services.

And we've done a pretty good job so far.

But the need for our services has increased 243% over the past six years, so we are seeking help from the Howard County community to k eep up with the demand.

We have many ways for you to give - financially, through in-kind donations and by volunteering. Your generous donations help CAC:
  • Operate the Howard County Food Bank
  • Administer the Head Start program for almost 300 pre-K children
  • Provide energy/weatherization help
  • Offer housing assistance to prevent homelessness.
To secure your commitment to CAC and Howard County residents living in poverty, please contact Brad Dwin at 410-313-3714 or He would be thrilled to walk you through all of CAC's many contribution options.

You can even visit our web site
and donate directly.