April 2016

The Reality Tour is scheduled for Halifax on June 16, 2016. Please encourage your counterparts in those cities to attend. Participation is free for law enforcement and government agencies.  Those wishing to participate are invited to register as soon as possible. Register here

Highlights from Montreal CACN Reality Tour:
CACN held its Reality Tour in Montreal on Monday April 18. Thank you to those who participated.  Close to 35 representatives from law enforcement and industry came together to learn about a number of timely topics, including:

- examining the full range of counterfeits goods.  
- case studies demonstrating the value and importance of partnerships;
- details on Canada's Combating Counterfeit Products Act - a legislation that aims to reduce trade in counterfeit goods sold to Canadian consumers and businesses by providing new enforcement tools; 
- product I.D. sessions that provided guidance on how to identify a wide range of counterfeit products. 

Attendees also experienced hand-on training on counterfeit goods by touring a number of brand owners' exhibits, which showcased authentic vs. counterfeit goods. Exhibitors included:

CSA Group
Electro-Federation Canada
Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP
Lululemon Athletica
Motion Picture Association of Canada

CACN extends a very special thanks to the following event sponsors: CSA Group, Motion Picture Association (MPA). 

The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards 2016

The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network  is in danger of having to cancel the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards for 2016, unless they receive more nominations.  They require a credible and wide-ranging set of nominations to be able to judge the Awards. To see the nomination categories visit GACG website.   The nomination form is available here. 

New Member: Bull Housser

We are happy to announce that Bull Housser has become the newest member to join CACN.  Bull Housser is a full service business law firm, with the IP department having expertise in anti-counterfeiting enforcement work.  The group is heavily involved with developing and implementing anti-counterfeiting enforcement programs in Canada for major brand owners worldwide, operating in fields such as luxury goods, apparel and certification marks.  For more information, please visit their website.
Change to CACN's Twitter Account as of May 1, 2016
CACN has previously carried two Twitter accounts.  Please note that CACN will be cancelling its Twitter account under the handle @cacn_news. The Twitter handle @cacn_news will no longer be active as of May1st. Stay up-to-date on the latest anti-counterfeiting news by following our permanent twitter account @BuyTheRealThing. 

Alibaba Group Becomes the First E-Commerce Company to Join the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition 
"Preserving the integrity of Alibaba's marketplaces is a top priority. Counterfeiting is a global, industry-wide issue, and effective collaboration with brands, retailers, trade associations, governments and other industry partners is a key component to our overall success," said Matthew Bassiur, Vice President and Head of Global IP Enforcement at Alibaba Group. Read more, click here
Health Canada Scrambling to Regulate W-18, a Synthetic Opioid 100 Times Stronger Than Fentanyl
Though the first confirmed drug bust in Canada of W-18 was carried out in August 2015 and yielded 110 pills that were originally thought to contain fentanyl, it took about four months before Health Canada released its analysis confirming the existence of the unregulated, previously little-known deadly opioid, which is 100 times stronger than fentanyl and 10,000 times more potent than morphine.  Read More
Customs & Border Protection Officers Seize $1M in Counterfeit Goods at Port
Customs and Border Protections officials announced on Friday they've made 350 busts in the past half a year with an impressive value. Counterfeit merchants attempted to smuggle a variety of goods into the U.S. Read more
Counterfeiting a Rare Canadian Coin Issue: Detecting Counterfeits
The Canada 1875-H 25-cent piece is one of the scarcer issues in the Canadian series. It is currently listed in the Standard Catalog of World Coins at $3,000 in Extremely Fine condition, and $20,000 in Mint State. With prices like these, counterfeiters have a strong financial incentive to make copies.
Fake Oxycodone Seized at US-Mexican Border
Federal prosecutors this week filed charges against an alleged smuggler caught at the California-Mexico border with nearly 1,200 fake oxycodone pills, the latest sign that Mexican drug cartels are targeting pain patients in the U.S.  Read more
Counterfeit Imports Worth up to $591 Billion Globally, OECD Study Finds
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said the value of all imported fake goods worldwide in 2013 was roughly equivalent to the GDP of Austria, and accounted for up to 2.5 per cent of all global imports.   
Instagram's Sponsored Ads Include Counterfeit Sellers
Thinking you can trust the websites promoted by social media platforms? Think again - because even seemingly legitimate sites are pointing consumers towards websites selling counterfeits. Case in point: Instagram's recent promotion of a site boasting adidas x Kanye West's hot-selling Yeezy Boost 350s. Read more
Largest Ever Bust of Counterfeit Foods Finds Gruesome Stuff, Including Monkey Meat
The International Criminal Police Organization, better known as INTERPOL, has seized approximately 11,000 U.S. tons of counterfeit foods as part of a joint effort with the European Police Office, or Europol. The initiative, in its fifth year, brought in a record haul , seizing "foods" like monkey meat, locusts and caterpillars, as well as fake alcohol, the agency said. Read more
That's the Ticket! Your Ticket to Not Getting Scammed
Nearly 5 million Americans purchase counterfeit tickets each year. And with the world's top five sports leagues attracting 158 million attendees from 2014 through 2015, counterfeiters have capitalized on the opportunity to dupe consumers into purchasing counterfeit tickets. Read more
Buyer Beware: Tips to Protect Yourself from Counterfeit Goods
Go to a store or official website if you want the real deal. It's not just online where you run a risk; items from Craigslist of Kijiji could also be counterfeit. "The best way to do it is to seek authorized retailers."
Read more
Italy, France, and Switzerland Hit Hard by Counterfeit Goods Market
Italy, France and Switzerland are the hardest hit in the EU by the thriving counterfeit goods market, as up to five per cent of all EU imports are fake or pirated, according to a report by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Read more
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New Report:
"European Citizens and Intellectual Property: Perception, Awareness and Behaviour"

"25% of Young Europeans intentionally use illegal sources to access online content and 12% buy counterfeits online"  

Previous studies by the Office through the Observatory have made clear the strong
linkages between Intellectual Property Rights and the economy. They have also illustrated
the negative consequences of infringements to jobs in legitimate industry and
government revenue.
However, the 2013 study of what European citizens think about these important rights,
demonstrated that not everyone fully accepts the contribution of IPR and that young people in particular can be sceptical.

Read the full Report: click here

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