August & September 2016
CACN's Annual General Meeting
You and your colleagues are invited to attend the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network's Annual General Meeting on November 30, 2016 in Toronto. 

CACN Members attending the AGM portion will gain insight on CACN's annual activities, objectives, and ongoing work to combat product counterfeiting and copyright piracy in Canada.   Member Registration

At 9:30am; CACN would like to welcome all guests (CACN members & non-members) to join us for our keynote presentations.  
Guest Registration

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Canada: A Nation of Innovators
The Government of Canada is asking for the submission of innovative ideas that fall into six areas of action. Read More

  • Entrepreneurial and Creative Society
  • Global Science Excellence
  • World Leading Clusters and Partnerships
  • Grow Companies and Accelerate Clean Growth
  • Compete in the Digital World
  • Ease of Doing Business 
CACN is currently drafting and brainstorming a submission in regards to strengthening Canada's IP protection system. CACN would happily accept input from members. Please Contact  CACN if you are interested in participating. Continue watching our website and email for further communications about this.  
Public Safety Canada Launches Public Consultation on Cyber-Security Landscape

On Tuesday, the federal government launched consultation on Cyber Security to help identify gaps and opportunities, bring forward new ideas to shape Canada's renewed approach to cyber-security, and capitalize on the advantages of the new technology. Canadians can provide feedback by email to
CACN is currently planning our participate in this public consultation. CACN would happily accept input. Please contact CACN if you are interested in participating. Continue watching our website and email for further communications.  

To read the full  consultation report, click here

Bank of Canada Recognize s  Saskatoon Police Service with Counterfeit Deterrence Award
The 2016 Law Enforcement Award of Excellence for Counterfeit Deterrence  recognizes the outstanding achievements of criminal justice professionals and educators involved in the prevention and deterrence of bank note counterfeiting in Canada. Read More
UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on LED Bulbs
UL releases a notification that LED Bulb, Model MR16 12V 5Watt bears counterfeit UL certification marks for the US & Canada. Read More
Don't Order EpiPens from Canada
Facing skyrocketing costs, consumers are taking to ordering EpiPens online from Canadian companies.  Most internet pharmacies claiming to be Canadian, are not. Frequently, they are fake, unapproved counterfeit drugs. Read More
Prince Might Have Been a Casualty of a Counterfeit Pill Problem Sweeping the Nation 
The autopsy report found that the singer died from a lethal dose of a powerful opioid called fentanyl. Investigators believe the pop icon didn't know what he was taking. Read More 
Going Global
US IPR Center director Bruce Foucart reviews the progress that his agency and its partners have been in with the fight against intellectual property infringement. Read More
Usain Bolt's Management Team Issues IP Warning 
Usain Bolt's management team has warned against violating his intellectual property rights, including trademarks for his name and his image. Read More

Data Theft Leads to Four-Year Jail Term
Investigation led to 2,500 counterfeit and stolen credit numbers, counterfeit Ontario driver licenses and a template to manufacture counterfeit Ontario drivers licenses. Read More
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October 19-21, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ

November 30 - December 2, 2016 
Novotel Hotel North York, Ontario

November 30, 2016 
Novotel Hotel North York, Ontario
Michigan State University: Food Fraud Initiative Report

This review includes a section-by-section review of the Food Fraud aspects of the Intentional Adulteration Final Rule (FSMA-IA).

MSU's Food Fraud Initiative will continue to review other aspects of the FSMA Final Rules such as changes or clarifications in definitions of terms applied to Food Fraud and then specific review of
concepts such as what is a "harm," "hazard," "reasonably foreseeable hazard," a "qualified person," and
a "qualified auditor." We will also further research other sections of FSMA that do - or could - address other aspects of food fraud such as smuggled food, supply-chain practices, and third-party certifications.

Download the full report, here

BASCAP Clearinghouse

Information on counterfeiting and piracy is often widely scattered and difficult to find. Did you know BASCAP has developed a range of informative online tools?  By pulling together existing information, generating new sources of reliable data, and facilitating the exchange of information, BASCAP is making it easier. 

CACN Training Program

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Participate in CACN's Anti-Counterfeiting Training Program and learn how your team can help combat product counterfeiting and copyright in Canada. This program is designed for customs and law enforcement agencies as well as related government agencies nationwide.


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