March 2016

The Reality Tour will stop in Montreal on April 18, 2016.   Registration for Montreal is still open.  If you or someone you know would like to attend, please register asap.  Register here  

Quebec City - Cancelled!
The Quebec City Reality Tour has been Cancelled.  Due to low registration the Reality Tour event scheduled for April 19 in Quebec city will be cancelled. 

The Reality Tour is scheduled for Halifax on June 16, 2016.  Currenlty, the event  has low registration. Please spread the word, and those wishing to participate are invited to register as soon as possible. Register here
New Member: Stericycle
We are happy to announce that Stericycle has become the newest member to join CACN.  Stericycle specializes in disposing of unsaleable products. For more information on Stericycle services, please visit their website

Change to CACN's Twitter Account
CACN has previously carried two Twitter accounts.  Please note that CACN will be cancelling its Twitter account under the handle @cacn_news. Stay up todate on the latest anti-counterfeiting news by following our permanent twitter account @BuyTheRealThing. 

How Canadian Companies Can Protect Themselves From Fakes, Here and Abroad
Anyone suspecting that someone is trying to import fake goods can now fill out a "Request for Assistance" to the Canada Border Services Agency for free. CBSA will then hold the goods, giving the Canadian company time to start legal proceedings. The request is good for two years and it is renewable.  Read more
MacBook Charger Teardown Highlights Dangers of Counterfeit Adapters
Manufacturers of counterfeit Apple products often go to great lengths to make their knock-offs look genuine, which brings the added risk of concealing potentially dangerous flaws in substituted electrical components.  Read more
3D printing: A New Dimension to Faking It
Thanks to 3D printers, budding counterfeiters could soon create parts or goods themselves. The problem for authorities is that copying physical objects is not always illegal... click to read more
Alibaba Group Vows Strong Commitment To Anti-Counterfeit Efforts
"Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma has vowed to build up the e-commerce giant's defenses against the sale of counterfeit products on its Internet marketplaces, saying the company needed to take the lead in the fight.  Read More
15,000 Counterfeit Hoverboards Seized in the Last 4 Months. 
I n recent seizures, CBP seized 5,500 single unit boxes of boards from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for  analysis . They say many they have looked at are inferior because they have counterfeit lithium-ion batteries and may also have chargers made in an inferior way.  Read more
As Chinese Demands for Fakes Goes Down, Scams go up. 
It comes as no surprise that China's on-line shopping market is rife with fake luxury goods, but it appears that even Chinese consumers trying to avoid counterfeits are falling victim to expensive on-line scams.  Read more
IBM Adding 100 Cyber-security Jobs in Fredericton over 3 Years
IBM is adding 100 new jobs in its Fredericton-based cybersecurity division over the next three years, the company and Premier Brian Gallant announced on Wednesday.  Read more
Legal Action Reveals eBay's Secretive & Deceptive Counterfeit Practices
eBay ®  would like consumers to believe that eBay is a safe place to buy name-brand goods - but it's not. Legal action by  The Counterfeit Report ® , a popular consumer protection website, illuminates an alarming pattern of facilitating counterfeit product sales, sham policies and disingenuous counterfeit dispute and refund practices. 
Canada's Flourishing Contraband Tobacco Market Helps Fund Overseas Terrorism:
Contraband tobacco remains a major problem in Canadian markets, a new study from the Macdonald Laurier Institute has found, and governments and law enforcement agencies are not doing enough to crack down on it.
Public Health Risk from Boom in
Black Market Pills, Supplements
Peddled by Organized Crime

"With relatively light penalties for conviction compared to illicit drug dealing, organized crime groups are moving in on the counterfeit medicine
business, providing supplements, including illegal peptides, to bodybuilders, unregistered weight loss supplements and fake sexual dysfunction pills. 
Read more
JEDEC Tackles Counterfeiters with New Standard:
According to the body, JESD243 - which applies to monolithic microcircuits, hybrid microcircuits and discrete semiconductors - identifies the best commercial practices that should be adopted by all manufacturers of electronic parts to avoid counterfeit products entering the supply chain.
SigNature DNA Offers Authenticity and Traceability for Pharmaceutical Global Supply Chains
Powered by unique botanical-based SigNature DNA, these inks allow for seamless marking at the point-of-manufacture, ensuring that original raw materials or ingredients used to produce pharmaceuticals are fully protected and traceable to point-of-sale. Read more
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New Report:  The Future of Brand Protection

Michigan State University's 
Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection - in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories - has released a report entitled " Brand Protection 2020: Perspectives on the Issues Shaping the Global Risk and Response to Product Counterfeiting". 

2016 Executive Education
"Investigating Product Counterfeiting"
Wednesday, June 8, 8:00am - 12:00pm ES. Click on the links for  course details & registration

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