CAHME and Baylor Scott & White Health Announce Award Program for Excellence in Quality Improvement Education.

With the Olympics beginning last Friday, we are reminded of how talent, hard work, dedication, a community, and commitment go into creating an Olympic athlete.  The Olympics inspires us, not just because of winning performance, but because it holds a mirror to ourselves to remind us that we can be great within our own profession, within our own community,  and with the help of others.  Olympic athletes frequently talk about how they are part of "something bigger." Similarly, CAHME programs are part of "something bigger."
While not on the same world stage as the Olympics, CAHME created a series of awards that serves to hold up programs that are exceptional.  These programs push themselves to be successful, in the same spirit as Olympic athletes.
This year, CAHME Awards expands to include the CAHME-Baylor Scott & White Health Award for Excellence in Quality Improvement Education.  The goal of this award is to set benchmarks of excellence to inspire our students...our future healthcare know the important role of systems and statistics, structure and organization, teamwork and individual perseverance... and in the words of Carl Couch, MD in "Accountable", "to drive a sustained focus on and commitment to improvement in long-term health outcomes".  We are thankful to Baylor Scott & White Health for their support to make this happen.
To learn more about the new CAHME - Baylor Scott & White Health Award, review our press release.
Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO