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Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church
August 6, 2017
Questions for
How does it change a missions trip to be WITH the people rather than to go TO the people?
In what ways, do we need to repent of the sin of making First Nation people "history" when they are here living alongside us?
How do we, as brothers and sisters, in Christ, work towards reconciliation and support of First Nation people?
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CARAVAN participants lead us in worship.
I have been overwhelmed by the gracious welcome my family and I received this past week; and it has been a joy to start getting to know some of the members of this community.
One thing that I'm beginning to learn is that the youth of this congregation form an energetic and talented community (as I'm sure you already know). I've loved being in worship with them so far, and I can't wait to see what God will reveal through their leadership and testimony this upcoming Sunday!
P.S. Our monthly Red Barrel food drive, which feeds hungry people in our community, will take place on August 13. 
A message from Paul Scholz, Director of Youth Ministry:
I am so proud of our Caravan 2017 team and it was my pleasure to be on leadership for this trip for the first year. The youth had an incredible experience with the Yakama Nation in Washington and we are ready to share those experiences with our church community!
This week we celebrate Caravan Sunday and the youth team is excited to be leading the service! Caravan is our annual high school service and learning trip. We are eager to share how we saw God at work and what we learned. We are ready to share the challenging moments we experienced, and times of incredible grace.
Join our worship and celebration at 7:50 a.m., 10 a.m., and 5 p.m.

In celebration,

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CARAVAN Sneak Peek

Caravan Sunday Sneak Peek