CARU Stews Make a Great Topper.  
Did you know that CARU stews make a great topper? They are the best topper on the market as CARU stews are made from 100% human grade ingredients and made in a human food plant and they are ready to serve. Just open, serve to your dog and watch them enjoy. Our packaging is easy to use and re-close and what's great is that there is no 'tinny' aftertaste when stored in the fridge after opening. Just put a dollop of CARU stews over kibble or on alternative foods and watch your dog eat their food with enthusiasm. They'll go crazy for the flavor.

In fact, CARU stews can be diluted by up to 1/2 with water (see pic above) and still maintain their palatability.
This is great as it extends the usage of one box of stew. Generally, when used as a topper, one box of stew will last 4-5 days.  
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Spring has Sprung from Karu
Hello, my name is Karu and I am the inspiration behind CARU Pet Food. I'm also our Chief Taste Testing Officer (CTTO).
Happy Spring everyone. I love the springtime as it's always so fresh and new outside. I love chasing all those squirrels in the yard; that's the bestest part.

With spring comes Spring Cleaning and that meant a bubble bath and haircut for me. Yippee! Personally, I liked my Eau De Winter smell, but Mummas and Daddas thought I needed to be cleaned too along with everything else in the house. So since this pic of me was taken, I've gone to visit Natalya (I just love her) or as my pet parents say I've "gone to the groomer". But why may I ask isn't it called getting a 'haircut' as when my Mummas and Daddas go to get their people fur trimmed, they call it a 'haircut', but when I go it's called getting 'groomed'? I think it should be the same for all of us. So from now on, when, I get my fur trimmed, I am going to say that I am going see my stylist and going for a haircut; otherwise, Mummas and Daddas will have to start saying that they are getting groomed. Hehehe.

Happy Spring. Woofs and Tail Wags from Karu.  
CARU's Store of the Month
The Backyard Pet Boutique and Nutrition Center is situated in Rome, Georgia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The store is unique because we only carry the good stuff and none of the bad (corn, by-products, artificial preservatives and artificial coloring are not allowed in our store). We love CARU because it fits our strict criteria and the fact they have different proteins means we have something for everyone!!! CARU dog food has such a low protein and fat, it is a great fit for all 4-legged kids even those with health issues and they love it!! Come visit our store and we will give you a Grand Tour of our rooms (Toy room, Food & Treat room, Leash, Collar and Harness room and more). Our low prices will also make you glad you came!!

Backyard Pet Boutique & Nutrition Center located at 1201 Dean Ave., Rome, Georgia. Phone: 706.232.9500. 
Thank you Backyard Pet Boutique & Nutrition Center for being CARU's Store of the Month! 
How Many Treats
are in the Jar?
Guess how many CARU Soft 'n Tasty Bites were put into this glass jar for your chance to win a mixed case of our new Alligator, Wild Boar and Rabbit treats. 

The contest runs until April 29, 2016. Rules: Like our Facebook Page and Contest Post. One guess per person please. If more than one person guesses the right number, we will draw the name of the winner. If no one guesses the correct number, the person who is closest, will be the winner.

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