SEPT. 2016
Connecting for Collective Impact

As I was enjoying a day off for Labor Day, I started thinking about all the working moms and breastfeeding teens in California who are having their lactation accommodation rights violated every day. To help moms overcome the challenges they encounter in the workplace and school, this CBC Connection is devoted to sharing information about lactation accommodation and the process of "how to file a complaint". 

The California Breastfeeding Coalition assists moms with lactation accommodation questions, but very few moms are willing to make a complaint when their rights are violated.  I recently met a mom who spoke up for her rights and filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor, and is now being accommodated with a private space and time to pump at work. She is showcased in this video newsletter and demonstrates how the complaint process is easy.

All the information highlighted in this video newsletter can be found at the California Breastfeeding Coalition webpage Breastfeeding Rights or at this link.

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CBC Connection 9-6-16
CBC Connection 9-6-16

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Our Vision 
Together we are working towards a vision of no barriers to breastfeeding in California

We would love to hear about what your coalition is doing to remove barriers to breastfeeding in your community. Please contact me at if there is something you want to share. 

With gratitude,

Robbie Gonzalez-Dow, MPH, RD, CLE
Executive Director
California Breastfeeding Coalition