June 2017
Connecting for Collective Impact

June brings triumphant graduations, warmer days, the start of summer haze, and a special day for us to celebrate a vital player on Team Breastfeeding: Dad!  This issue of the CBC Con nection is dedicated to dads and features the voices of and resources for fathers in breastfeeding families. 
Fathers - take your place of honor in your family's beautiful and unique breastfeeding journey!

So to those of us who celebrate it, in our own special ways with our own special people, all of us at the California Breastfeeding Coalition wish you and yours a very Happy Father's Day! 

SB 63 will be in Assembly June 21 - drum up support now!
SB 63 (Jackson) will be heard in the Assembly Labor Committee on June 21 at 1:30pm. Here are some action items for you to take:
  • Tweet your support! Especially now through Sunday, tweet at your Assemblymember and the Govenor. Take photos of yourself, or a dad in your life! Use these hashtags: #DadsNeedTime, #SB63, #FathersDay, #PaidLeave4Dads See the action alert with dozen of tweet ideas here.
  • Share this infographic created by the California Work & Family Coalition and Legal Aid at Work to educate our communities about the importance of dad bonding and SB 63. Download here.
  • Use Family Values at Work images and infographics across social media and remember to tag Assemblymembers, the Govenor, and use the campaign's hashtags! Download images and infographics here.
"Father Support Breastfeeding" program by WIC
Launched in 2002, Fathers S upporting Breastfeeding is a USDA Food & Nutrition project geared towards African American fathers, acknowledging their position to positively impact a mother's decision to breastfeed. The project is part of a continual effort to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration rates among African American women by involving fathers in breastfeeding promotion efforts. There are multimedia resource materials such as posters, brochures, and DVDs available for order, download, and printing (please note materials are from 2002).
"Loving Support" - Dads Section by USDA
"Your loving support makes breastfeeding work!" Downloadable posters and graphics including, "Dads Play an Important Role" (English/Spanish), "10 Tips for Dads," "Fathers Supporting Breastfeeding," "Grandparents Play an Important Role," and "Encouragement." 

Please click here to download the resources.
"Dad's Breastfeeding Toolkit" by California WIC
Created as a client education resource for WIC staff, the "Dad's Breastfeeding Toolkit" is a clear, accessible, and fairly comprehensive tool that uses simple graphic design and includes tips for both how fathers can support mothers and breastfeeding, but also common concerns fathers of breastfed children have and how to address them. 

Also includes a short resource list.

Please click here to read and download the resource.
BreastfeedLA - leading the way in action & advocacy!
Formerly known as the Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles, BreastfeedLA was formed in 1994 by a group of dedicated volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the breastfeeding rates in L.A. County. BreastfeedLA is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of infants and families through education, outreach, and advocacy to promote and support breastfeeding.

Upcoming exciting projects and events include the Milk Depot Project, and the publication of the "Breastfeeding Advocacy 101 Toolkit" and FREE Advocacy 101 Training on August 31 at the California Endowment. Read more...

For the full story and to learn more about BFLA, please see their Virtual Sharing Table on the CBC site here. 

Want to share what your coalition is up to? We want to highlight your work and community! Please click here to learn more and download the short application.
SB 63, the New Parent Leave Act, passes out of the Senate! May 22 Advocacy Day at the Capitol a success!
Sen. Jackson with Ryan Breslin, a new dad currently on Paid Family Leave, who joined his wife Angela Breslin from Child Care Law Center on Lobby Day. 
Thanks to the hard work and advocacy of Coalition members in support of family health, well-being, and economic security. SB 63 passed out of the State Senate on May 30th. On to the Assembly!

On May 22, California Work & Family Coalition members from all over the state came to the Capitol for Advocacy Day in support of SB 63! Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson rallied our group, encouraging us to be bold and continue pushing for what all families need. Patrick Henning, Director of the Employment Development Department (EDD), spoke of the importance for new dads to be able to take leave to bond with their children.
The advocacy group (some members pictured above) also included representatives from ClĂ­nica Romero,  Breastfeed LA, Long Beach Breastfeeds, and California Breastfeeding Coalition. Our group met with over 40 legislators' offices - we are forging strong relationships with them and each other. We can't wait to do this again next year!
For more information or to get involved please visit  the CWFC website here.
World Breastfeeding Week
The 2017  World Breastfeeding Week  (WBW) theme is "Sustaining Breastfeeding Together ." As always, WBW is celebrated internationally August 1-7, and here in the U.S. August is National Breastfeeding Month (NBM). We also celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week (BBW) on August 25-31.

August will be here before we know it! What events and celebrations are you planning in your community? Email 
californiabreastfeeding@gmail.com  and your event will be posted on our  event website page

We want to share your celebrations! Let us know so we can feature your coalition's WBW/NBM activities on the CBC website and here in the CBC Connection!
Trevor MacDonald, transgender dad and breast/chest-feeding advocate wants the world to know:
"A baby doesn't know what your pronouns are" 
Trevor feeding his child using a supplemental nursing system (SNS) and pumped breast milk
Trevor MacDonald and his partner had splashed on a lavish dinner, their new baby in tow. Trevor, soft-spoken and sporting a wispy goatee, was breastfeeding their first child at the time. When his son began fussing, Trevor eyed the waitstaff and patrons wandering about in formal attire and thought it best to head to the restroom. I t was there, holding his fussing son, that he was struck by the incongruity of nursing a child in a men's bathroom. 
MacDonald is seeking to broaden the conversation, sharing his own experience as a transgender man who carried two babies to term and breastfed both of them. His recently published memoir,  Where's the Mother: Stories of a Transgender Dad, aims to shed light on gender diversity in parents through his story of being both male and pregnant.  Read more...
NEWS and RESEARCH - Special Father's Day Edition!
Locally and around the world
La Leche League International: "What is Father's Role in Breastfeeding?"
New Beginnings magazine (La Leche League USA): List of LLL-published articles of fathers and breastfeeding
Healthy Children / American Academy of Pediatrics: "Facts for Fathers about Breastfeeding" and in Spanish "Informacion para los padres sobre la lactancia materna"
Dad Central Canada: "New Dad Manual" - touting itself as "24 hour crib-side assistance for dads, by dads", this website includes breastfeeding topics
Dr. Sears:  Fathering - list of articles about fathers role in attachment parenting, with several breastfeeding-specific ones
Time Magazine & Project: Breastfeeding: "I Could If I Would" ad campaign featuring dads and breastfed children and the Facebook page by photographer Hector Cruz
Dad's Adventure:
"How Dads Can Help With Breastfeeding"
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Together we are working towards a vision of no barriers to breastfeeding in California