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We exist to magnify God and spread a passion for His glory by making disciples and shepherding them to value Jesus Christ above everything else.
Giving Ourselves to the Word of God This Year
by Pastor Patrick Carmichael
A New Year typically brings in a new Bible reading plan for many Christians. Maybe you are going back to a tried and true favorite that you've done before. Maybe you are trying out a new format. Maybe it is the whole Bible  in one year  from Genesis to Revelation. Maybe you're jumping around in 4 sections, 10 sections, are reading the Proverbs 12 times in a year, the Old Testament once, and the New Testament twice. There are SO MANY good plans out there! Which one are you diving into?
More importantly than the " what " question, "What Bible plan are you reading through this year?" is the " WHY " question! Why are you spending time every day in God's Word? What are you hoping to get out of It? What will be your motivation on the mornings where you're exhausted and don't want to get out of bed? Discipline without direction is drudgery (Donald Whitney). So, WHY are you committing to reading the Word of God this year?
There are SEVERAL answers to the WHY question that should be our motivation. One of them we will be looking at in depth this Sunday morning as we study John 17:13-19. Whatever your answer to the why question is, it is safe to say that however much time you spend in God's Word on a daily basis reveals what you functionally believe about what the Word is producing in your life. So, as we begin a new year, can I plead with each of our hearts to give ourselves fully, devotedly, and intentionally to the Word of God this year? Do everything you can to put yourself in the way of Truth and let it shape your mind, your affections, your desires, your will, your character, your attitudes, and your actions. This semester we have 4 distinct ways in which you can faithfully and intentionally put yourself in the way of Truth. 
  1. Family Bible Hour: On Sundays, we have our first hour, our church Family Bible Hour. We are studying the Scriptures together, dialoguing about discipleship, sanctification, why we are here, and what our mission is, as given by God. 
  2. Worship Service: We have our worship service where we are studying the Gospel of John as well as singing the Scripture, reading the Scripture, and praying the Scripture. 
  3. Home Bible Studies: We have our Home Bible Study groups which will be starting up the first week of February. We will be diving into the Scriptures, reading them together and studying them together on a weekly basis. 
  4. Men's and Women's Bible Studies: We have our men's and women's studies as well. The women began this last Monday night and the men will be starting back up this coming Tuesday night. Both are diving into the Scriptures to practically apply the Word in everyday life, all for the purpose of being conformed into the image of Jesus. 
These four are the benchmark studies at CBC. We have other gatherings, a little marriage hangout here, a little discipleship group there, etc. But these four studies are the main, prioritized studies at CBC.
So, are you giving yourself to the Word of God, to fellowship, and to the pattern given in Scripture of gathering together with believers on a daily basis to seek how we can be killing sin, growing in love for the Savior, practically loving other believers, and intentionally sharing Christ with the lost? This doesn't happen by chance. We don't just slide into this practice and pattern of living. It takes intentionality, purposefulness, and faithfulness...which again brings us back to the WHY question? Why would we prioritize these things? Why would we intentionally give ourselves to the Word this year? If we don't have an answer for that WHY question, then we'll probably just pick and choose what we want to be a part of based on how we feel, what fits our schedule, who we want to hang out with, and what is easiest.
But if we have a biblical and soul-satisfying answer to that WHY question, the discipline will cease to be drudgery and will turn into our greatest delight. So, come  on Sunday ready to hear just one part of the WHY question and let our hearts be enraptured by the Word of our God and our God of the Word.
Can't wait to dive into John 17 with you all this Sunday! Praying for much fruit as we dig in together. 

Family Bible Hour Series in January

Marriage Conference

All Church Picnic

Women's Bible Study: Just Started
Our Women's Bible Study just started. 

All Ladies...Please join us! This will be a great time to enjoy relationships with other women and focus our attention on the Lord as well. We are starting a new series, reading Women of the Word AND we'll be going through 2 Peter to put into practice what we learn! 

We will meet the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, January-May at 7:00 p.m. at Carrie Carmichael's in North Hills. Questions? Contact Carrie Carmichael at 818.599.7441. 

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2nd & 4th         Women's Bible Study

Feb. 2-3             Marriage Conference: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

Feb. 4                All Church Picnic, right after church

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