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Marriage Matters
by Pastor Patrick Carmichael
I am SO EXCITED for our marriage conference this weekend! We have 14 marriages represented with our sign ups and some are visitors that you all invited to be a part of this conference! PRAISE GOD! Those of you who are attending will receive conference details in a separate email from me, but... I also wanted to ask our church at the outset of this week to pray for some specifics each day leading up to this weekend.
Whether you are married or not, this conference will impact you. If you are married, it will impact you specifically by attending the conference, being encouraged and confronted by God's Word, being connected with other couples who can encourage you and grow alongside you, and being equipped with God's Word to work inside your marriage to strengthen it, to grow it, and to make it a beautiful display of the Gospel to all around you. 

If you are not married, though you won't be specifically attending this conference, this conference will absolutely impact you as marriages are strengthened around you inside of our church. When marriages suffer, are weak, and are crumbling, the church as a whole suffers. But when marriages are strengthened, the church as a whole is strengthened. So, whether or not you are physically attending this conference, this conference has the potential to greatly impact you! Because of this, will you commit to pray for this conference every day this week?               
  • Pray for our hearts to be humble, broken, and ready to receive. 
  • Pray for pride to supernaturally be non-existent in the room as we learn from God's Word and honestly and openly admit we are far more lacking and far more broken than we know! 
  • Pray for all the technical details to run smoothly without any hiccups. Pray for our church members to reach out with selfless service to the visiting couples that will be attending. 
  • Pray for the childcare workers who will be serving our families so amazingly by watching our kids with joy and excellence so that we can learn in an undistracted environment. 
  • Pray for practical application to be lived out, that we wouldn't just learn new things, but that we would LIVE new things! 
  • Pray for new relationships to be formed with other couples who will be able to be accountability and encouragement in the coming months and years. 
  • And pray that above all, Jesus would be exalted and glorified as we attempt to align our marriages with the glory and beauty of the Gospel!
I can't wait for this conference! I've been praying for this for a long time and am SO EXCITED it is finally here! I encourage you to pray with me each day this week for this weekend as we give careful attention to God's Word and what It says about specific marriage matters because MARRIAGE MATTERS!

Marriage Conference

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Feb. 2-3             Marriage Conference: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

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Feb. 7                Home Bible Studies begin again!

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