CBD Fall 2017 Update!
CBD grantees Tess O'Day, Noa Coffey-Moore, Julia Kersten, Nash Malko & Isa Witty





This fall CBD awarded over $10,000 to seven students in a highly competitive grant process. These students will pursue projects, research and internships at the intersections of culture, mind/brain and human growth and development in areas ranging from food culture to music therapy. We’re excited about the work they’re doing, and hope you’ll join us in offering them your congratulations. 

One way you can show your support for original student research is by making a contribution to the CBD Student Research Endowment. The endowment will ensure that students continue to receive the funding, support and guidance they need to pursue their work at Hampshire and beyond.

Your gift to CBD will also count as part of the alumni match: if 1,600 alums give by December 31, a 75F donor will give an additional $100,000. If 500 parents give by December 31, a parent donor will give an additional $5,000. (You can read more about the endowment below.)
Hannah Davidson
Division III Research placement

UMass School of Public Health/Square One, Springfield, MA

Hannah will examine whether digital storytelling in the prenatal period of pregnancy is able to affect physiological markers for stress, and minimize postpartum depression risk in adolescents.

Amye Gulezian
Division III Research Project

Cheese Culture in the US vs France

As part of her study of sustainable dairy agriculture and education, Amye will travel to France to compare their agricultural systems and cultural conceptions around food with those in the US.

Julia Kersten
Division III Research Project

Sign-Based Phononological 100P: A Look at Deaf Signers’ Memory

Julia’s goal is to provide evidence that performance differences between hearing and Deaf individuals are a result of formational features of a visual language, and not a reflection of deafness or the Deaf community.
Nashua Malko
Division III Research Project

Binaural Beats: Sound Meditation & Its Implications for Music Therapy

Nash will conduct ethnographic research on sound meditation, and look at its potential as a form of psycho-emotional healing and as a tool in music therapy.

Isabella Coffey-Moore
Division III Research Project

Black Femme Survival

Isabella (Noa) will develop a social justice on-line platform and a community organization to provide a variety of educational resources to help black and brown queer femmes and women to learn, heal and thrive.

Tess O’Day
Division III Research Project

Somatic Geography: Exploring Embodied Displacement in Urban Environments

Tess will research the embodied experience of displacement, in order to explore the role the body plays in cultural sustainability, urban theory and planning.

Isabella Witty
Division III Research Project

The Birther’s Story

Isa will create an educational installation that uses birth stories to engage learners through empathy and resonance, and to ease the discomfort some have around the pain and discomfort associated with childbirth.

CBD wrapped up a full semester with our weekly Student Group, Living Learning Community, and through sponsorship of a wide variety of campus programs and activities. Here are some highlights from our fall...


You can help CBD support original, innovative student research by making a gift to our Student Research Endowment. The endowment will ensure that students continue to receive the funding, support and guidance they need to pursue their work at Hampshire and beyond. We’re currently more than hallway to our goal of $1M. Please give if you can—any amount is appreciated! 

Your gift can be made on-line at the Hampshire College " Give Now " page. Just select CBD Student Research Endowment from the “Initiatives” drop-down menu. 

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P.S.   Your gift to the CBD Student Research Endowment goes entirely and directly to support Hampshire students as they pursue their research projects and internships. Endowment funds will not be used to support office expenses, staffing or any other overhead costs.