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Training Videos
This video shows the standard for conducting a boat inspection. Even if you have already seen the video several times is it always worth watching and sharing with your inspectors again!
Training Documents and Links
July 2015 
May 2015 
Thank you to everyone who attended the Courtesy Boat Inspector training at the Milfoil Summit! I know there was a lot of information to absorb but I hope you left the training feeling prepared and looking forward to a great summer inspection program. There are several documents and links I would like to share with you to help get you started with your program.
Mary Jewett - Milfoil Coordinator
2017 Inspection Form
You must use this new form. Any leftover forms from previous years should be recycled!
This years' inspection form has been slightly modified to match the new electronic data entry form (see section about this new process below).  In an effort to make electronic data entry easier the top line of the form has been switched around so that the ramp name is first. This year it is more important than ever to have the correct ramp name on each form. Contact Karen at the DEP for the ramp names for your lake/lakes.  
Included in this section are two options for the form. Both are in the PDF format so you shouldn't have any problems downloading the files. The fillable PDF makes it easy to just type in a few pieces of information before printing. If you only have one launch you can pre-fill the entire first line as well as the host agency spot. With the plain PDF you can still pre-fill but you have to print it and hand write those sections. 
The DEP highly suggests pre-filling as much information as you can. This cuts down on omissions by inspectors and reduces the irritation that occurs when there is information missing. Click on the link below to download the form you'd like to use:
New Data Entry Procedure
At the Milfoil Summit this year, you were informed about some data entry changes for the 2017 season.  DEP is urging all boat inspection programs to enter their own data this season using an Excel form created by DEP.  This form looks very similar to the paper inspection form making it easy to understand and use.
Here's how it will work: boat inspections will still be collected on paper forms at the ramp.  At the end of shift, or soon after, someone from your organization will enter the information from the paper form into the electronic Excel form.  The Excel form can be opened in Microsoft Excel and Google Docs.  Once the inspection data are entered for a shift, you save the form on your computer and email it to DEP (Karen.A.Hahnel@maine.gov ).  We still need to receive the paper inspection forms.  They should be mailed to Karen Hahnel, Maine DEP, SHS 17, Augusta, ME 04333. Please note that if you are  not  entering the data yourself forms should be sent to Mary Jewett at LEA: 230 Main Street, Bridgton, ME 04009 .
To save time, much of the Site information at the top of the form is already filled in by DEP such as the Agency Name, Lake Name, and Town Name.  The Ramp Name is in a dropdown list that you choose from as will be the Inspector Name.  So the remaining information that must be entered is the date, shift time and whether the inspector is paid (P) or a volunteer (V), and then all the inspection information.
By entering your own data you will be able to see and correct errors quickly assuring that all your data are entered accurately. By the time LEA or DEP sees an error it is long after the inspection and if mistakes aren't easily corrected then those inspection forms aren't entered. Also, by entering your own data, the inspection forms will be on your computer, readily available making it unnecessary to copy the forms before sending them to DEP.
DEP strongly urges that groups enter their own data in 2017 as this will be a requirement in the future.  The combination of increasing inspections (the number of 2016 inspections reached an all-time high of 88,165) and loss of st aff means DEP can't enter the inspection data in a timely fashion. DEP will email the electronic data form with instructions once the CBI grants are awarded in May.
If you have questions please contact DEP's Karen Hahnel at 207-215-9270 or email Karen.A.Hahnel@maine.gov.
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