Treatment FOCUS: State Library of Pennsylvania's Nuremberg Chronicle
Published in 1493, the Nuremberg Chronicle is part biblical paraphrase, part world history. Modeled on the "Six Ages of the World" outlined by Augustine several centuries earlier, the book traces human history by relating it to the Bible. It is notable for incorporating over 1,800 woodcut illustrations, integrating the figures into the text in novel ways. The book's histories are punctuated by cityscapes, often spanning two pages and varying in accuracy. Depictions of families also span pages, lineages traced horizontally with stretching vines. There are numerous illustrations of famous Biblical and secular figures, all depicted in 15th-century garb.

The State Library of Pennsylvania recently brought a German language version of this book to CCAHA. CCAHA Conservation Assistant Amber Hares treated the volume.
CCAHA Fellows Visit Japanese Papermakers

In March, CCAHA National Endowment for the Arts Fellow Brook Prestowitz and Mellon Fellow Jacinta Johnson spent a week in Japan on the Hiromi Washi Tour. This paper conservation-focused tour covered the southern region of Japan, stopping at papermakers and toolmakers. “We left with a better understanding of the paper used for treatment everyday at CCAHA,” Johnson said. In this photo, Masayuki Fukunishi, a papermaker from the Yoshino Prefecture in Japan, demonstrates how to make Uda Gami, a type of Japanese paper (otherwise known as washi) that incorporates clay.
CCAHA in the News

CCAHA's treatment of a 1787 edition of Thomas Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia belonging to Seton Hall University was recently highlighted on the school's website. Seton Hall discussed CCAHA's treatment in one post and the book's significance in another.  

Alliance for Response Show & Tell Event

What are you doing Monday, May 15? Join Alliance for Response Philadelphia for an Emergency Supply Kit show & tell and group share of effective emergency planning tips. See sample emergency kits and plans from University of Pennsylvania, Suburban Philadelphia AFR, and other area institutions.

CCAHA's Regional Heritage Stewardship Program

Building upon past success in education and network-building, CCAHA is leading a set of ambitious new strategies to aid underserved regions of the country, adapting successful service models to assist collecting institutions along the Eastern Gulf Coast and in Appalachia.

This month, we opened registration for two introductory webinars: May 17 for Appalachian KY, OH, and WV and May 18 for AL, MS, and the FL Panhandle

We also opened registration for the first round of workshops. Workshops I & II will cover topics vital to staff and volunteers with responsibility caring for cultural collections. Both workshops will be offered in each of the following locations:  Dothan, AL; Athens, OH; Laurel, MS; and Hazard, KY

CCAHA's 40th 

2017 is CCAHA's 40th anniversary. We are commemorating this anniversary by sharing the articles, photos, and reminiscences that tell the story of CCAHA. In this space, we'll share recent posts from our ongoing coverage.

This article highlights CCAHA's work on Revolutionary War-era documents belonging to what is now the Independence Seaport Museum.

In 1985, CCAHA moved to the location it occupies now: the second floor of a historic building in Philadelphia’s Fitler Square neighborhood.

Conservators Choose Melinex Polyester Film to Protect Historic Archival Materials
This piece details the use of Melinex polyester film in the treatment of historic documents.

This article discusses a two-year initiative on the part of the Virginia State Historical Records Advisory Board to preserve their collections. 

Upcoming Programs
Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
Introduction to the Regional Heritage Stewardship Program 

May 17: 2PM - 3PM

May 18: 2PM - 3PM

Presenters will provide an overview of the two-year program including topics that will be covered in workshops and webinars, opportunities for cultural institutions in the regions to participate, and overall goals for the program. Questions about the initiative will be welcomed in an open, interactive Q&A session, and participants will have the opportunity to suggest ideas for future workshops and webinars.
Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
Preservation Best Practices / Conducting a Preservation Needs Assessment

This program will provide an overview of preservation standards for collections care and management including basic benchmarking, identifying facilities concerns, collections storage, and agents of deterioration. 

Participants will also learn the components of a comprehensive preservation needs assessment and receive guidance on conducting self-assessments.

June 22

Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
Fundraising for Collections Care / Artifact Handling and Housing 

This workshop will examine the planning process funders want to see, elements of a successful grant proposal, and regional funding opportunities. 

Participants will also learn about safe handling and housing techniques for both flat and three-dimensional objects. Discussion will include how to prepare work areas, best practices for moving various types of artifacts, and identifying potential conservation concerns before handling. 

June 20

June 28
Upcoming LYRASIS Programs 
In 2016, CCAHA and LYRASIS partnered to increase their constituents’ access to vital services. CCAHA members receive a discount on LYRASIS programming. In addition, the organizations offer combined consulting for cultural heritage organizations. 
The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) is a nonprofit conservation facility specializing in the treatment of works on paper, photographs, and books through conservation and state-of-the-art digital imaging services. Founded in 1977, CCAHA serves both nonprofit cultural institutions and private individuals and organizations. CCAHA’s preservation services staff present educational programs, conduct preservation assessments, and develop emergency preparedness plans. CCAHA also offers fellowships, fundraising support, and disaster assistance.