February 7, 2017

CCC CISO Education Planning Initiative Update
This is a monthly series of updates from the Education Planning Initiative crafted expressly for busy college technology professionals.  The Education Planning Initiative includes initiatives such as the student services portal (SSP) and centralized education planning, degree audit, and early alert software.  The intent is to provide actionable information as briefly as possible.
Student Services Portal

The CCC MyPath team is focusing on supporting individual institution go-lives, with three more scheduled for the coming month. In addition, the next round of features is entering the development phase, with work on items such as tracking and analytics functionality, as well as cross-product services intended to aid in a common workflow across state-provided products.
Career Exploration

The January 23 Career Coach webinar was a great success with over 100 attendees, and a live demonstration of the tool. A complete playback of the webinar recording can be found on  CCCEdPlan.org site. Go-live of Career Coach required the need for accessibility refinements and retesting, which are nearing completion. This allows the product to be considered fit for use and available with a target of mid-February.  
Online Orientation

The January 24 Student Services Portal Steering Committee meeting received a report of thousands of students now actively using the Online Orientation course. If your college is interested in obtaining our Online Orientation, which includes all Title V materials created from the EPI workgroup, please notify Angela Baucom . For a view of this course, please click  HERE .  
Education Planning

At the January EPTDAS Pilot Steering Committee meeting, a host of product and service enhancements were presented to the committee by representatives from the project software vendor, Hobsons. Based on input from the committee's October workshop, the improvements were well received, and move the project forward towards statewide implementation. Additionally, the committee considered updates to its charter to accommodate Phase Two schools as pilots go live allowing best practices to be shared with new college implementations.
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