May 15, 2017

CCC CISO Education Planning Initiative Update
This is a monthly series of updates from the Education Planning Initiative crafted expressly for busy college technology professionals.  The Education Planning Initiative includes initiatives such as the student services portal (SSP) and centralized education planning, degree audit, and early alert software.  The intent is to provide actionable information as briefly as possible.
Student Services Portal

The CCC MyPath team is releasing the Spring 2017 product update in the month of May. Once complete, development will move onto planning and development for the Fall 2017 release, which focuses on infrastructure upgrades supporting user behavior tracking and providing cross-project help content delivery. Rollout of MyPath is also continuing, receiving strong interest from colleges across the state.
Career Exploration

Key points of interest are that several colleges are now piloting the tool, with several more in the pipeline as demos are presented. We have been sharing Career Coach at multiple conferences, including CISOA, CCCAOE, CTE Leadership Institute, Region 8 presentation, and more. If your region would like a presentation, please contact us and let us know! An updated Webinar was recently recorded highlighting the impact of Career Coach in the MyPath suite, is being refined, and will be made available very soon, so stay tuned! And, for any questions or to schedule your own discussion and demo, please contact Angela Baucom.
Online Orientation

This tool, offered at no cost, can be imported into Canvas and is now being used by both single college districts and multi-college districts. Thousands of students have successfully completed their Online Orientation with the tool, and it's available right now! To view our demo of this tool, please click  HERE , and for any questions of this helpful addition to MyPath, please contact Angela Baucom .
Education Planning

At the January EPTDAS Pilot Steering Committee meeting, a host of product and service enhancements were presented to the committee by representatives from the project software vendor, Hobsons. Based on input from the committee's October workshop, the improvements were well received, and move the project forward towards statewide implementation. Additionally, the committee considered updates to its charter to accommodate Phase Two schools as pilots go live allowing best practices to be shared with new college implementations.

The CCC Tech Center is moving into data migration and implementation of COCI with phase 1 colleges, while continuing to work towards a system cutover by the end of the fiscal year.  Core application development for C-ID 2.0 is nearly complete and User Acceptance Testing is expected to begin shortly.
ASSIST Next Generation

ASSIST Next Generation went live on April 10, 2017, for all CCC, CSU, and UC Articulation Officers to manage courses and build articulation. Community colleges are able to submit courses for proposed articulation to CSU and UC colleagues. CSU and UC articulation officers are building Department and Major Agreements for academic year 2016-17 which will be available for the Public Site once that is live. All prior year agreements will be available in ASSIST Next Gen using the legacy version format in PDF. Public Site release date is not yet available.
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