Next Meeting: March 21 6:30 PM

Our next meeting will be held at Orleton Farm on March 21 at 6:30 PM. This will be a pot luck dinner so bring a yummy dish to share.

Jeff Morse will be our speaker for the evening. He is sure to provide us inspiration to kick off our spring driving season.

Annual Meeting Recap:
Our Annual Meeting and banquet was held at the Morgan House on February 24.
After a bountiful buffet dinner, Harvey welcomed everyone with a recap of an eventful 2017 for Colonial Carriage followed by a preview of coming attractions for 2018. Here is a transcript of Harvey's opening remarks...

Welcome everyone!
How fitting it is to have our annual membership meeting here at the Morgan house. This was the site of the first meeting of the club and the organizing meetings that followed. I believe the club started in the late eighties with more heavy horse owners and drivers than light horse owners and drivers. Back then we had plow days and clinics at Undermountain Farm. The early members and founding members please raise a hand, a tribute that our club is a club of friends who get together with a common interest of carriage driving.
After opening remarks, Harvey presented the slate of nominations for Colonial Carriage officers and directors to the floor for a vote from members. All nominations were unanimously voted in by the members present. Attached is the meeting agenda where you can review the list of officers and directors for 2018.
Harvey spoke about the exciting events we have planned for 2018. We are especially proud of our annual driving show which will celebrate its 20th year this June. Harvey shared that our format of 2 days combined test and two days pleasure driving show is being copied throughout the United States.
Attached is a complete listing of all of our events planned for 2018.
The New Business agenda item included the presentation of the Sam Greenfield Memorial Award for Outstanding Service. This award goes to recognize a volunteer or volunteers who demonstrated significant contributions of service and time to our club events during the previous year. This year's award was presented to Glenn and Eileen van Oort. So many congratulations to them! They unfortunately were unable to attend the meeting in person, but they wanted us to know that they were present in spirit.
Glenn and Eileen forwarded this note of thanks in truly Glenn fashion and style...
In appreciation of being recognized as volunteers by Colonial Carriage and Driving Society:
It’s for the horses we volunteer,
appreciating them, even smiling, observing others doing the work,
and paying the bills.
Seeing others brings fond remembrances of ours,
George, Jubie, Puff and a dozen or so more followed by Sophie and Ranger;
who lead us to Colonial Carriage.
As much as for the steeds we draw satisfaction from the
camaraderie of all engaged in the treasure of carriage driving.
 They being dedicated of course,
 there also by love of the horse.
Glenn and Eileen
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