CCOSO Workshop    

On May 13, 2015 at the annual CCOSO Conference in Monterey, I delivered an 8-hour workshop entitled "A Paradigmatic Approach to Conducting Group Psychotherapy of Sexual Offenders: Fostering Interpersonal Process to Supplant Shame-Based Relational Styles and Progress the Offender from 'Isolate' to 'Object Usage.'" The slides for this workshop are available for review. 



Sex Offender Treatment: Reading Curriculum 

Clinicians who conduct group therapy of sexual offenders typically use a reading curriculum to provide psychoeducation as a component of a comprehensive treatment program.  My current reading curriculum is available for review.  I do provide group members with the actual readings I have listed, and for those who are more limited intellectually I attempt to translate the complexity of the material into something that is more easily understandable.  As is apparent, I break up the readings into segmented modules.  It is my intention to be transparent in these materials in terms of current views of the causes of sexual offenses, the treatment of offenders, and areas of confusion and ambiguity in research and social policy/social justice. Also, I do hope that the readings symbolize my support of the sex offender's predicament and serve to forge a working alliance that is necessary for the group therapy, and treatment as a whole, to be effective.  

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