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Shelter News 
March was another good month of adoptions with 26 cats finding new homes.  It was unusual, and very special, that seven pairs of cats were adopted, some of whom were siblings and some were mother and daughter.  If cats are bonded and very close to one another, we never separate them.  They are always adopted together to ensure their happiness.

A happy birthday to Dagwood, one of our alumna who was adopted at age 19 by a wonderful family.  Dagwood just celebrated his 21st birthday with them!
Congratulations to Vail who
was recently adopted.  Vail is a very special
kitty and we are so happy for him.


April Adoption Promotion

We are celebrating spring and thinking of all the fun ways you can play with your cats.  April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day, and jelly beans make great tossing, rolling, and chasing toys.  In observance, we have a $75 adoption fee on all cats 1 year and older.  Please come by and see if a kitty playmate is waiting here for you!

Please visit our Facebook page for more information.
Visit our website to view all our cats available for adoption.
Note: our standard adoption  screening process applies to this promotion. Further, for cats age ten and older and cats with chronic medical problems we offer our Perpet-U-Care Program which provides
$250 of veterinary care services at the CCS Cat Clinic annually. 
Opt to Adopt Ilari

Hello there. I'm Ilari. I was left alone when my person lost his home. It was lucky for me that I ended up at the Cat Care Society. They are taking really good care of me here and getting me ready for my new forever home. I'm really a good boy, but right now I'm a bit out of sorts and don't really want to be touched.  Who could blame me? I've had a tough time after losing my human. I'm getting better though, and I know that it won't be long before some wonderful person (preferably a guy because ladies and kids scare me a bit  right now) comes to meet me and we are new best friends. See you soon!
Read more about Ilari on his Adopt-a-Pet page:
Earth Day
April 21,2018
Cat Care Society will have a tent at this year's Lakewood Earth Day Celebration to be held Saturday, April 21 at the Lakewood Heritage Center.  The address is 801 S. Yarrow St. in Lakewood.  We will have several of our outgoing cats at the tent, and  sustainable litters on display.  You will also be able to buy earth friendly toys made in the USA.  Please stop by our tent at this notable event!

Click here for the Earth Day website.  
Painting For Paws-
Paint & Sip
April 27, 2018

Our next artistic event, Painting for Paws,  is fast approaching.  This hands-on painting event will be held Friday, April 27th, from 6pm to 9pm.    Artists, whether very accomplished or just starting out,  are welcome to join in painting a cat image
(swirlcat) which will be provided. Participants who wish to paint a picture of their own cat can do so.   This is your chance to be creative for the cats!  Paint, brushes, and canvases will be provided.  For anyone desiring some instruction there will be a teacher available beginning at 6:30PM.
price is $40, and $20 of each ticket sale goes directly to the cats!  Space is limited, so please sign up early.  Tickets may be purchased from the Cat Care Society.  Please stop by or call 303-239-9680 x 2.  Tickets can be mailed to purchasers. 

Painting for Paws will be held at the Teller Street Gallery-7190 W. 38th Avenue (near Wadsworth) in Wheat Ridge.
There will also be a prize drawing with the ticket stubs at the gallery and a cash bar. 

Seminar -
Setting Up Your Home for a Cat
Presenter: Billie Reynolds of

April 28, 2018 10:30AM to noon at Cat Care Society (in the lower level of main shelter)
Whether you are planning on adopting a cat soon, or want to fine tune your kitty's surroundings, this will be an excellent seminar to attend.  Cat behaviorist Billie Reynolds will discuss topics such as your cat's territory and what it means to it, getting cats to use scratchers and towers, and how the proper territory can help reduce stress and encourage good interactions in multi-cat homes.

More Information:
Please call 303-239-9680 or email: 
This is a complimentary seminar.  Please be sure to register early as space is limited. 
Yoga with the Cats
Sunday, April 29, 2018

Our next ever popular Yoga with the Cats event will be held on Sunday, April 29th from 4 to 5Pm at the shelter.  Certified yoga instructor Kelly Conrad will lead the class.  Water, music, and very flexible cats are provided.  Please bring your own mat.

The fee is $20, and space is limited so please register early.
RSVP Suellen Scott  -
Tails of the Painted Cats
Calling for Artists

For more information contact Jane Dorsey- ccsvolunteer@catcaresociety.org

April 3, 2018

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    Adoption Promotion
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  • Seminar-Setting up Your Home for a Cat
  • Yoga with the Cats
  • Tails of Painted Cats-Artist Call

Do you have questions about the CCS cat guardianship program?

Contact Suellen Scott at 303.239.9680 x 19 or 
e-mail  for more information.
Employment Opportunities
Cat Care Society has openings for qualified veterinary technicians.  If interested, please contact Shelter Manager, Rianda Copeland at 303-239-9680, ext 14, or email:




A cat does not have a collarbone, and so it can fit through very small openings.

The righting reflex, an orientation ability enabling a cat to land on its feet, has helped some cats to survive falls from 32 stories.


Cats usually give birth to between one and nine kittens.  The largest litter on record is nineteen kittens.

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