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News from the Shelter
We had 17 adoptions in January.  Included in those were a special pair....Leila and Shasta who are 14 year old kitties.  Leila is FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive but that is not a problem for good kitty friends.   The virus is usually spread through bite wounds, but not through casual, non-aggressive contact.   We're so happy they found a home together, especially since one has a medical condition!  Lucy, another FIV positive kitty, also found a loving home.

Many thanks to donor Gail Noble.  She contributed a mini-fridge to our veterinary clinic which was much needed.   Thank you so much, Gail! 
February Adoption Promotion

Story Time with Cats for children is underway at Cat Care Society and in keeping with that our adoption promotion is centered around "Tell a Fairy Tale Day".   Children are now reading to our cats weekly and bonding with many of our kitties.  Your fairy tale cat might be here waiting for you.  Please stop by and visit our community of kitties!

Click here to read more about national "Tell a Fairy Tale Day".

Please visit our Facebook page for more information.
Visit our website to view all our cats available for adoption.
Note: our standard adoption  screening process applies to this promotion. Further, for cats age ten and older and cats with chronic medical problems we offer our Perpet-U-Care Program which provides
$250 of veterinary care services at the CCS Cat Clinic annually. 
Seminar -
Clicker Training Your Cat
Presenter:  Billie Reynolds of Goodkittybehavior.com 

February 24, 2018 10:30AM to noon at Cat Care Society (in the lower level of main shelter)
Billie Reynolds is an expert on the science of clicker training for cats, and all the benefits that it can provide.  Clicker training is a way to stop problem behavior in your cat and offer something more fun and appropriate to do. This will be an excellent seminar on how to clicker train your cats, and why.  Please put it on your calendar and plan to attend.
More Information:
Please call 303-239-9680 or email: 

This is a complimentary seminar.  Please be sure to register early as space is limited. 
Opt to Adopt Olive
Greetings! I'm Olive. I'm a gentle, low-key kitty and I'm really looking forward to meeting a wonderful person whom I can call my very own. I don't mind sharing my space with another gentle kitty, but I'm not comfortable with dogs so I'd rather have a canine-free home. I'm what they call a senior kitty, so I'm covered by the Perpet-U-Care Program which will pay for a portion of my health care for the rest of my life. That's a pretty cool program and I'm definitely worth it. I'm a very sweet girl with lots of love to share. I would like to spend some quality cuddle time with you. If you are otherwise occupied, I might gently touch you with my paw to remind you when it's cuddle time. But don't be surprised if cuddle time happens a lot!
Please click the link to find out more about our Perpet-U-Care program:  http://www.catcaresociety.org/adoptions/perpet-u-care     
Read more about Olive on her Adopt-a-Pet page:
Behavior Problems
with Your Cats?

Good Kitty Behavior Consulting and Training is a business owned and operated by Billie Reynolds, an expert in cat behavior.  If you have attended any seminars at Cat Care Society, you probably have met Billie as she presents many of our sessions.  Cat owners often experience difficult behaviors in their cats, and it is a leading cause of cats being returned after adoption.  Good Kitty's focus is on helping clients understand their cats so that pets and humans can live in harmony.  Billie's approach with individuals is to offer in-home behavior consultations, and in-home clicker training.  In-home consults work to correct a behavioral issue with the cat.  During a consult she gathers information about the cat and the details of the behavior problem.    Billie also studies the home and areas that are important to the cat.  She explains the "why's" behind the cat's behavior and provides clients with a plan.  Billie might also teach clients clicker training as a method to change cat behaviors.  In-home consults and clicker training sometimes entail other resources and products as well.  Email and telephone calls help with follow-up as the plan is enacted and questions arise.

If you are experiencing unwanted issues with your cat, please don't give up.  Problems can usually be resolved with the right approach!

Click here to view the Good Kitty Behavior website.
Facebook link for Good Kitty Behavior.
Click here to read about Billie Reynolds' background and training. 
Click here to meet Billie's cats  
Yoga with the Cats
CCS is offering another one of our very popular Yoga with the Cats sessions.  Rachael Link, certified yoga instructor, will lead this class while you are joined by some of our flexible cats!  Class is Sunday, February 25th, from 4:30 to 5:30PM.  Space is limited, so please register early.  RSVP to Suellen at sscott@catcaresociety.org.

Story Time with Cats
Our Story Time with Cats program has been launched and is going strong.  Every week, children have the opportunity to come into the shelter, read to the cats, and interact with them in a positive way.  We would love to have more children join in.  Space is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4 to 5PM by reservation only.  To reserve a spot for your child, please contact Suellen Scott at sscott@catcaresociety.org.

Click here for more information. 

February 6, 2018

  • News from the Shelter
  • February
    Adoption Promotion
  • Seminar-Clicker Training Your Cat
  • Opt to Adopt Olive
  • Good Kitty Behavior
  • Yoga with Cats
  • Story Time with Cats

Do you have questions about the CCS cat guardianship program?

Contact Suellen Scott at 303.239.9680 x 19 or 
e-mail  for more information.

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